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Admitted International Students


In order to study at Foothill College, all international students must have the following tests:

1. An immunization and/or titres for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)

2. A Tuberculin/TST (TST-Mantoux) Skin Test for tuberculosis

These test casn be completed in your home country before you arrive in the U.S. A licensed doctor or medical clinician must complete the form. 


If it is not possible to complete this form before arrival, you should make arrangements to have the form completed at the Health Services Office on campus, Room 2126. Please note that International Student Insurance Plan DOES NOT cover these immunizations. The approxiate cost is $100.00 USD.


Tuberculin/TST Skin tests must be completed within 60 days of arrival to Foothill.

Chest x-rays (if necessary) must be completed within 90 days of arrival to Foothill.


Upon arrival, you must submit a completed Health Statement Form to the International Student Office accompanied by official documentation of the MMR immunization.







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