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Service Leadership Projects

GEOG 01 Fall 2018

Creating a Public Service Announcment

This final project for Physical Geography with Professor Meezan asked students to apply what they have learned over the course of the quarter to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about a physical geography hazard, such as earthquakes, flooding, fires or responding to or adapting to climate change. 

Students were give free range as to the format of the PSA. Examples provided in their assignment handout included videos, animations, Story Maps, or a poster with an infographic.

Student Reflections

After sharing their projects on the web and social media, students were asked to reflect on how completing and sharing their project affected their perspective on community engagement and service leadership.


In order to spread awareness to this issue, I posted my video on Facebook and Instagram, and also sent them in my group chats with my friends. Turns out that this was just as surprising to them as it was to me the first time I heard about it in class.

Jessa Hipolito

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Project Topics

Please take a few minutes to enjoy all the work of the students in the class and learn about the amazing dynamic planet on which we live!

Earthquakes & Volcanoes

Casey S.

Brandon M.
Earthquake Risk in California

Bryan G.

Earthquakes & the San Andreas Fault

Jessica D.
Earthquakes in the Bay Area

Alfonso M.
Earthquakes in the Bay Area

Peter E.
An Earthquake is Coming to the Bay Area, Are You Ready?

Audrey Z.

Edgar A.
Nicaragua Volcanic Activity

Annaclarissa R.
Bay Area Fault Lines

Hurricanes & Floods

Jamie G.
The Eye of the Storm

Anna S.
Flood: The Most Common Natural Disaster in the United States


Gabriella F.
Landslides and Mudslides

Water & Water Resources

Kristine O.
Ogallala Aquifer

Climate Change - General

Julia H.
Climate Change & Extreme Heat

Arlene O.
The Not So Great Barrier Reef

Isaiah C.
The Future of Climate Change

Jessa H.
The Bay Area Underwater

Aliyah B.
Climate Change in California

Savannah G.
California Climate Change

Luke D.
Climate Change

Tiffany D.
The Salton Sea

Brenda C.
Diet for the Planet

Melissa D.
Natural Disasters

Climate Change - Wildfires

Olivia N.
California on fire

Charity H.
Wildfires: Lessons Learned

Shauna S.
California Fires

Brittany L.
California Wildfires: Facts and Precautionary Measures

Madison D.
Beware California Wildfires

Jesus C.
The Effects of the California Wildfires

Shun Wai C.
California Wildfires & Climate Change

Reid Y.
California Wildfire and Climate Change

Mariah R.
Wildfires in California

Laura W.
Wildfire Season is Extinct

Partha R.
Wildfires in California

Research & Service Leadership Symposium

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