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Service Leadership Projects

GEOG 01 Winter 2021

Creating a Public Service Announcment

This final project for Physical Geography with Professor Meezan asked students to apply what they have learned over the course of the quarter to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about a physical geography hazard, such as earthquakes, flooding, fires or responding to or adapting to climate change. 

Students were give free range as to the format of the PSA. Examples provided in their assignment handout included videos, animations, Story Maps, or a poster with an infographic.

Project Topics

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Earthquakes & Tsunamis  | Climate Change | Floods | Water | Wildfires | Other

Please take a few minutes to enjoy all the work of the students in the class and learn about the amazing dynamic planet on which we live!


Earthquakes & Tsunamis

Mingli L.
Earthquakes & Earthquake prevention measures

WenChi W.
How to react to significant earthquake

Noah F.
How to face with aftershock from Great East Japan Earthquake

Viridana S.
Howe earthquakes affect the people in the Bay Area

Robert W.
Earthquakes and you: living in California

Masaharu I
Correspondence of tsunami in coastal area in Japan

Dominic D.
San Andreas is not just a movie

Xiu Yu W.
Earthquake disaster in Northern California

Shuji K.
Earthquake preparedness: accumulate small things

Stephannie M.
Earthquakes: Fault or fiction?

Sarah C.
Understanding and adapting to liquefaction

Alexandra R.
Dealing with Earthquakes

Andrean T.
The colossal effect of earthquakes and tsunamis in Indonesia

Crystal C.
Preparing for the Big One


Climate Change

William T.
Mitigating anthropogenic sea level rise with economic policy

Yu-Chien H.
Heatwave and climate change

Nick D.
Adapting to climate change

Georgia F.
The marine habitat is calling for your help!

Ayah T.
Adapting to drought

Carole A.
Mitigating climate change



Tarn W.
Fighting against flooding in the Bay Area

Julia F.
Preparing for floods in California

Ben B.
San Francisco Bay Area's future at risk

Shyrex L.
Reducing water pollution



Nakema G.
The Flint water crisis

Shyrex L.
Reducing water pollution



Andrew P.
Protecting California from Rapidly Increasing Wildfires

Sunny D.
Wildfires in California

Elissa E.
California Wildfires: Rolling with the punches

QiJun L.
Escaping from a future cataclysmic inferno

Joelle A.
Disaster prevention: California wildfires

Cory C.
Bay Area wildfires

Liam M.
Hidden fire dangers within the Bay Area

Jason B.
Combating wildfires in California

Christian R.
Help prevent California's wildfires

Jessica D.
Adapting to urban wildfire



Shudan D.
How to deal with soil erosion in the Yellow River

Daniel D.
Preventing PPE litter in the San Francisco Bay

Yueyang X.
Storymap for Preparing Snowstorms

Ava P.
Adapting to mass movement

Cyril S.
Could drones deliver donuts to Foothill College?

Amira G.
Let's keep breathing: A guide to how to protect our atmosphere

Tiffany N.
Bridge the Gap (Hwy 1 landslides)

Guramran G.
Looking out for rain related disasters

Emma L.
Reducing pollution in the Bay Area

Research & Service Leadership Symposium

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