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Service Leadership Projects

GEOG 01 Fall 2019

Creating a Public Service Announcment

This final project for Physical Geography with Professor Meezan asked students to apply what they have learned over the course of the quarter to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about a physical geography hazard, such as earthquakes, flooding, fires or responding to or adapting to climate change. 

Students were give free range as to the format of the PSA. Examples provided in their assignment handout included videos, animations, Story Maps, or a poster with an infographic.


Project Topics

Please take a few minutes to enjoy all the work of the students in the class and learn about the amazing dynamic planet on which we live!


Abran G.
The Issues with Wildfires in California

Ann L.
What is Liquefaction?

Brandon V.
In Wait of the Big One

Fernando B.
Earthquakes and Their Frequency

Isabelle H.
Prepare to Be Shaken

Isabelli M.
Adapting and Preparing for Earthquakes in California

James H.
Do You Live in an Earthquake Zone?

Jorge R.
Preparing for the Next Big One

Robert T.
Southern California Earthquake Preparedness

Rae S.

Lauren F.

Anthony T.

Sofia S.

Sydney P.


Zoha S.

Climate Change

Alexis F.
Glacial Melting Around the World

Andrea M.
The Melting of Glaciers and Sea Ice

Mariah M.
Climat Change: The Impact of Fire Hazards in California

Richard G.
Heat Wave Vigilante Guide

Stephanie M.
How Climate Change Affects the World

Natividad A.

Priscilla M.


Alejandra M.

Bella C.
Fear Spreading Like Wildfire

Gabriella G.
California Wildfires: Dangerous & Costly Hazards

Jerley D.
Getting to Know Wildfires in California

Jordan B.
Combating Wildfire through Climate Change

Kristin M.
Catastrophic Brushfires in Australia

Parastoo S.
California Wildfire and Climate Change

Roxanne l.
Adjusting to Wildfires in the Bay Area

Ryan L.
Wildfire: How to Survive and How to Prevent

Cheri P.

Jonathan C.

Maygen V.

Lydia J.

Jalen M.

Patrick S.

Jameson M.


Kyle R.

Food Choices & Climate

Carissa C.


Adharsh M
California is a Flood-Prone State

David F
Central Valley Flooding

Gertrud V
Flood Risk in Bay Area and How to Be Prepared

Itai I
Flooding in Silicon Valley

Jacob W
Floodin, It'll Get Ya!


Cristian M
What You Should Know About Coral Reef Depletion

Katie K
Tropical Cyclones: Hazard on the US. East Coast

Maxim K
Avoiding Landslides

Rayna S
5 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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