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Service Leadership Projects

GEOG 01 Fall 2020

Creating a Public Service Announcment

This final project for Physical Geography with Professor Meezan asked students to apply what they have learned over the course of the quarter to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about a physical geography hazard, such as earthquakes, flooding, fires or responding to or adapting to climate change. 

Students were give free range as to the format of the PSA. Examples provided in their assignment handout included videos, animations, Story Maps, or a poster with an infographic.

Project Topics

Please take a few minutes to enjoy all the work of the students in the class and learn about the amazing dynamic planet on which we live!

Climate Change


Jake L.
You Can Make a Change

Maria V.
Adapting to Climate Change with Recycling and Composting

Talia M.
5 Archaeological Sites Being Threatened by Climate Change

Braden K.
Protecting Bird Populations from Extinction Due to Climate Change

Trinh H.
Cogitating Climate Change

Sophie N.
Solar Panels for Every New Housing Development,

Loussineh S.
Impact of Climate Change in California

Alejandro F.
Climate Change

Amanda K.
Cow Emissions and the Effect on Climate Change

Dario C.
How Much Warmer Will Your Future Be?

Kay H.
Protecting the Bay from Sea Level Rise

Ryan S.
Combatting Climate Change to Stop Sea Level Rise in the Bay

Nicole R.
Take Action: Sea Level Rise in San Francisco

Cassandra M. 
Will Your City be Underwater Soon?

Andrew V.
Coastal Flooding: The Imminent Future

Raul T.
Global Warming and Flooding

Alejandro C.
Miami Underwater

Earthquakes & Tsunamis

Kenneth J.
Adapting to Earthquakes in Southern California

Salma L.
Tsunami Preparedness in Indonesia

Rishi S.
Preparing for Earthquakes

Mauricio R.
Earthquake Preparation

Samantha I.
The Bay Area and The Big One

Chrisalen C.
Will History Repeat 1906 & 1989?

Veena K.
Learn About Earthquakes and How to Prepare for One

Brian F.
Preparing for Earthquakes

Mark M.
The Dangers of Earthquakes and How to Prepare for Them


Stephanie D.
Monterey Bay Area Natual Flood Management Guide

Okalani L.
What Kind of Threat is Flooding in the Bay Area?

Leticia D.
Is there a Flood in our Future?

James M.
Flooding Issues Near Me

Plastic in the Oceans

Yasmine T.
Combatting Plastic in Marine Life

Jad G.
Drowning in Plastic


Joseph B.
California Water: What can we do?

Jayme A.
The Flint Water Crisis

Kemal G.
Is Fracking Contaminating Our Water Supply?

Ruxiao Z.
Climate Change and Africa's Water Resources

Sohail N.
Preservation of California's Water Supply

Alexandra L.
Day Zero: Water Scarcity


Bastiaan V.
Overcoming California Wildfires

Marybie A.
Californians Adapting to Wildfires

Jarred C.
Acknowledging the Fuel Behind California's Wildfires

Dylan H.
Adapting to the Threat of Forest Fires in California

Edgar V.
Preventing Wildfires in the Santa Cruz Mounains

Julie A.
How We Can Use teh SCU Lightning Complex Fires to Prepare for and Combat Wildfires in California

Danielle R.
Understanding Wildfires and How to Prepare

Verenice N.
Combatting Urban Wildfires in California

Madison M.
Fighting Fire With Fire

Alexis L.
The Impact of West Coast Wildfires

Joshua N.
How we Adapt to the Wildfire in California

Erandy M.
Habitat Loss due to Wildfire in California

Mahsa B.
Battling Urban Wildfires

Nicholas D.
Adapting to California Wildfires

Francisco M.
How to Fight Fire (Without Fire)


Bradley H.
Stagnant and standing water dangers

Taylor J.
Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Salar P.
Combatting the Urban Heat Island Effect

Jonah S.
Preparing for the Thousand Year Storm

Suan C.
Air quality in the Bay Area

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