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Service Leadership Projects

Project Reflections from GEOG 1 Fall 2018

Service leadership projects empower students to engage in their community about issues that they care about.

View project examples and what each student learned from sharing their work.

Project: Bay Area Underwater 2001

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In order to spread awareness to this issue, I posted my video on Facebook and Instagram, and also sent them in my group chats with my friends. Turns out that this was just as surprising to them as it was to me the first time I heard about it in class.

Jessa Hipolito

Project: Earthquakes

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The more I worked on this project, the more I realized how important it is to share information with members of our community.

Casey Schaefer

Project: California Wildfires & Climate Change

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I now feel empowered to take ownership in being a leader and taking action rather than assuming other people to do so.

Brittany LaCilento

Project: An Earthquake is Coming to the Bay Area, Are You Ready?

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I now feel more responsible to inform people, get myself prepared, and be ready to help others.

Peter Ellis

Project: The Eye of the Storm

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I have been involved in my community for a while now, as I perform in many community theatre productions in the area, but I have never really provided information to them in an educational sense such as a infographic. Through doing this project, I have grown an appreciation for teaching people about potential dangers in the surrounding area.

Jamie Gussman

Project — Flood: The Most Common Natural Disaster in the United States

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I learned how to step out of my comfort zone and realize that in order to improve our communities more people need to step up and be involved.

Anna Speder

Project: California Fires

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Completing and sharing this project … I began to realize fast that if I ever want to speak up for something, I can easily make a PSA or join a movement so that my voice can be heard and others who join can be heard as well.

Shauna Schultz

Project: Climate Change

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Completing this project made me realize the power social media actually holds.

Luke Drury

Project: Landslides and Mudslides

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People should not feel scared to express their concerns, passions, etc. because it can honestly yield such great results. By taking a leadership role in posting the infographic expressed to myself that every one of us can really make a change.

Gabriella Fontanilla

Project: The Effects of the California Wildfires

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The project overall was a success because it definitely brought me closer to my community and be able to use what I learned in this class onto the project.

Jesus Castro


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