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EMR & EMT Associated Costs

While there are no registration fees associated with noncredit courses, the EMR and EMT courses include associated costs for books and other materials.

The associated costs listed (books, uniforms, materials, immunizations, etc.) are the same for noncredit and credit EMS classes.

Students enrolled in noncredit courses will be responsible for the same expenses. 

Note: Prices for associated cost materials and service fees are subject to change without prior notification.

EMS 400 (Noncredit)

Books (new): $200 to buy, $50 to rent, depending on market availability.
Gloves: $10
Certification fee for CPR cards: $50
T-Shirt: $12.50
Equipment Bag (optional*) $85
Total Cost Up to $360
*Should you decide to continue with EMT classes, you will be required to purchase the equipment bag.  If you are stopping at EMS 400, it’s not required. 

EMS 401/401A and EMS 402/402A (Noncredit)

Books (new): $120 to buy, $40 to rent
Polo Shirt: $40
Pants/Shoes: $150 - $200
National Registry Test Fee: $50
Background check: $60
Immunizations $0 TO $430**
TB:  $10
MMR:  $60
Varicella:  $200
Hep B:  $120
Tetanus:  $40
Total Immunization Costs: **Prices will vary depending on existing immunity, one’s own insurance, etc. Prices are based on Foothill College Health Services charge 
Total Associated Costs: (Prices are subject to change without prior notification.) $390–$990






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