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All EMT classes are now listed under the "Emergency Medical Services (EMS)" department.  You can click on the schedule of classes link to find your class.

Classes are now listed, and registration is now open for EMS 50!  Go to https://foothill.edu/reg to complete an application and begin your career in the medical field!  You can begin the 3-quarter class sequence in any quarter.

Our EMR/EMT Program is located a our Sunnyvale Center, at 1070 Innovation Way, Sunnyvale CA  94089.

We offer state-of-the-art equipment and lab rooms, making your paramedic education experience the best that can be offered! Visit our Sunnyvale Center website for more information about the campus.  Sometimes, classes are held at the SVCTE campus at 760 Hillsdale Ave in San Jose.

Be a part of the professional team! On an ambulance, for a fire department or in an emergency room, the EMT is a vital link in the emergency medical service system.

For additional information about the Emergency Medical Technician Program, please call our Student Support Center at 650.949.7249

About the Emergency Medical Technology Program

The program requires 9 months didactic work (3 quarters):

First Quarter: EMS 50 (Emergency Medical Response)

Second Quarter: EMS 52 & 52A (Emergency Medical Technician Part A)

Third Quarter: EMS 53 & 53A (Emergency Medical Technician Part B)

The third quarter has a required internship at a hospital ER and an ambulance responding to 911 calls.  Students MUST be 18 to participate in the internship.  We strongly advise that students don't start the 3-quarter EMT program until they are 18 years old when taking EMS 53/53A.

The EMS 50 class serves as the prerequisite class to qualify you into the 2-quarter EMS 52/53 class series

You may not take any of these classes concurrently - they must be taken in successive quarters. The EMS 50 Emergency Response class may be waived depending the the applicant's background, as determined by the Program Director.

There is also a Non-Credit EMS three class series:

First Quarter: EMS 400 (Emergency Medical Response)

Second Quarter: EMS 401 & 401A (Emergency Medical Technician Part A)

Third Quarter: EMS 402 & 402A (Emergency Medical Technician Part B)

The Non-Credit EMS class series is less expensive (per-unit tuition is waived) but no grades are issued and therefore will not show on any official transcripts.  Other than that, the classes are the same.  Potential students should consider which class series (credit -vs- noncredit) to take before enrolling.  Students are not allowed to switch from non-credit to credit, or credit to non-credit.

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