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Foothill College Virtual Campus Classes Start April 5.

Most Spring 2021 classes will be delivered virtually — using Zoom, Canvas, and other online tools.

lap,books and studentsNote: some classes will be taught at the regular times listed in the schedule (synchronously). Classes designated as 'Online' will typically allow for much more flexibility, and some classes will combine both approaches.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the method of delivery for your winter classes. You can find faculty contact information through our searchable online directory.

To learn how we are supporting our students online, visit our Virtual Campus website.

Open Core & GE Courses

Foothill has a variety of fall classes still open to fit your needs and interests. Most start the week of April 5.


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A Focus on Equity & Experiences of Asian Americans

Take Asian American Literature this Spring

ENGL 40: Asian American Lit — CRN 40880, Instructor Stephanie Chan

By tracing the conditions that have spurred anti-Asian sentiment on the one hand, and the model minority myth on the other, this course helps to contextualize Asian Americanness and perceptions in our current moment. Through a range of innovative texts, explore the histories of migration, racialization, and activism of Asian Americans and their lived experiences—so much of which occurred right here in the Bay Area.  


  • ANTH 20: Native Peoples of California CRN 41073
    California was settled by Native Peoples thousands of years ago, before the Bay existed, when grizzly bears roamed the Peninsula. How do we explain their presence 500 years after Columbus? Dispel the mythologies of conquest and disappearance and learn the truth about California's enduring Native Americans.


Are you yearning to visit art museums near and far? Take an art history class while you wait for safe to travels to return!

DID YOU KNOW? Foothill College recently ranked #6 for Best Online Art Schools & Degree Programs. Check out the rankings and compare the pricing! You can earn an AA in Art and an AA for Transfer in Studio Arts — both fully online!

Child Development

  • CHLD 1: Child Growth & Development: Prenatal Through Early Childhood
    This introductory course satisfies both Area IV for GE requirments and is a core class for Child Development majors.  Examine the major physical, psychosocial, and cognitive/language developmental milestones for children, both typical and atypical, from conception through early childhood.

English for Second Language Learners

We still have seats available in several ESL course sections!

  • NCEL 470 - ESL for Food Workers (Beginning to Intermediate)
  • NCEL 471 - ESL for Food Workers (Intermediate to Advance)

View Non-Credit ESL Courses


We still have seats available in the following course sections!

Global Studies

This past year has amplified the way in which we are all connected as global citizens, elevating  the value of learning about our interconnectedness. With all that happened in 2020, register this spring for one or both GLST courses to learn how you fit in our globalized world.

  • GLST1 Introduction to Global Studies CRN 41403
    Explore globalization and its impacts through an interdisciplinary examination of social, cultural, political, economic, and environmental contexts, with an emphasis on the interdependence and connections between global institutions, populations, and individuals.
  • GLST2 Global Issues CRN 41404
    This course focuses on the origins, current dilemmas, and future trends of major issues confronting the global community, such as energy and resource depletion, food and population, war and terrorism, nuclear arms, human rights, economic interdependence, and international inequality. The role of global institutions and global citizenship will be considered as they relate to global issues.

DID YOU KNOW? You can earn an Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T) in Global Studies! Study the world through an interdisciplinary approach! Learn more about our Global Studies major at Foothill.


Learn about health inequities in the United States that stem from unequal living conditions and explore how education, socioeconomic status, racism and gender shape health epidemics and policy development.


VIew Humanities Courses


Seats still available in JAPN 1 (I), 2(II) and 3 (III). Start with the elementary basics or build on your existing skills.

View Japanese COURSES


Write for The Script,  Foothill's online student newspaper. Take JRNL 22A or 22B, both hybrid classes with a 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. meeting on Tuesdays/Thursdays.

Media Studies

Did you know? We offer an Associate in Science in Film, Television, and Electronic Media for Transfer. Here's a sampling of courses offered this spring.

  • MDIA 1: Introduction to Film Studies
  • MDIA 2A: History of Film 1895 - 1945
  • MDIA 3: Introduction  to Film & Media Criticism
  • MDIA 5:  American Cinema
  • MDIA 11: Introducation to Popular Culture

VIEW  Media Studies Courses

Music and Music Technology

Take a music or music technology class to learn a new skill, enhance your life, or just for enjoyment, including Beginning Piano!


Music TechNOLOGY Courses


Do you love taking and sharing photos? Explore the history of the photographic book and learn the technology for creation of today's photographic books, including digital image editing, color correction, graphic design and typography.

Theatre Arts

Learn the craft of costume design! We offer three progressive classes in Fashion and Costume Construction at Foothill. Watch our short trailer to learn more.


View Theatre Arts CourseS

Physical Education (PHED)

Take a PE Activity Class for Health & Wellness

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Earn a Degree for Transfer in Global Studies

You can take both GLST core courses this spring to earn an interdisciplinary (AA-T) in Global Studies. Learn more about the Global Studies Program at Foothill College.

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