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Class Schedule

Featured Winter Courses

Winter Quarter Starts Jan. 9

Join us on our main campus for face-to-face classes!

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In-person, hybrid or fully online—we have a robust schedule of courses this winter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your winter classes in Canvas will NOT display on your Canvas Dashboard until the first day of the quarter.

lap,books and studentsSome classes will be taught at the regular times listed in the schedule (synchronously). Classes designated as 'Online' will typically allow for much more flexibility, and some classes will combine both approaches.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the method of delivery for your fall classes. You can find faculty contact information through our searchable online directory.

To learn how we are supporting our students online, visit our Virtual Campus website.

Core & GE Courses

Foothill has a variety of winter classes to fit your needs and interests.

Featured Program

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Earn an Associate in Arts for Transfer in Global Studies. 

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major that helps students understand critical concepts—such as the value of international infrastructure and  global citizenship, as well as the idea that what is a seemingly inconsequential action, like buying a T-shirt, actually has a domino effect that creates many ripples across continents.

Take GLST 2 Global Issues offered this winter!

Change your perspective with an interdisciplinary approach to our interconnectedness. This course offers an introduction to the origins, current dilemmas, and future trends of major issues confronting our global community.

Featured STEM Courses

Research Diversity in STEM This Quarter

Take our 4-unit Learners Engaged in Advocating for Diversity in Science Engage with students in other science disciplines while earning credit in biology, chemistry or math by registering with the CRNs listed below.

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This course is intended for students interested in equity, diversity, and inclusion in the sciences. Students will explore research on inclusion and diversity in STEM and health science, as well as research on interventions to enhance inclusion and diversity in those fields in higher education contexts. Students will reflect on how their own identities have impacted their experiences in science and develop strategies to promote equity in their future STEM or health science careers.

Through service learning, students will co-author culturally relevant curricular materials that will expand faculty capacity to connect students' personal lives to course content. Materials developed by students will be used and assessed in STEM and/or health science courses at Foothill College, local middle schools, and/or local high schools, and will be made available for a nationwide audience of teachers and professors.

Advisory: BIOL 1A, 40A, 41, or equivalent; ENGL 1A, 1AH, 1S & 1T, or ESLL 26, or equivalent; MATH 17 or Intermediate Algebra or equivalent, completed with a letter grade of "C" or better; not open to students with credit in CHEM 81 or MATH 83.

All sections will be taught together in an online hybrid format, meeting virtually on Fridays at 11 a.m.-12:50 p.m.




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A full schedule of on-campus chemistry sections is being offered this winter, including

  • CHEM 1A-1C General Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis;
  • CHEM  12A-12B, Organic Chemistry and 12AL-12BL Labs;
  • CHEM 30A-30B Survey of Organic & Biochemistry


VIew Chemistry Schedule

Computer Science

Choose from a open seats in a wide range of CS courses, including Foundations of Computer Programing; Software Development in Java, C++, or Python; Linux; Javascript; Database Management; Cybersecurity; Networking; and more.


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Take ENGR 10 Introduction to Engineering or ENGR 35 Statics.

VIew eNGINEERing Schedule


Would you like extra help with Math 10: Statistics and/or Precalculus I & II for STEM?

Our Math Performance Success program team firmly believes that any student who is willing to put in the time and energy and is provided with the appropriate support and services can be successful in Math. Learn more about MPS for winter.




We have seats available in PHYS 2A/2B General Physics and PHYS 4A/4B/4C General Physics (Calculus).



Courses By Department


Choose from 20 accounting course descriptions this fall—with on-campus, online and late start class sections. Topics include accounting for non-profits or small business; accounting ethics or information systems; auditing or fraud examination. We've got a course for you, whether you are starting out in your studies or looking for a professional development course.

VIew Accounting Schedule


Get a broad global understanding of humankind through Athropology. We offer a wide selection of interesting courses. See what's offered this winter.

  • Physical Anthropoogy (Honors too!)
  • Cultural Anthropology 
  • World Prehistory: The Rise & Fall of Early Civilizations
  • Magic, Science and Religion
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Medical Anthropology: Methods & Practic


VIew Anthropology Schedule


We have seats open in the following art history and studio courses this winter.

  • ART 2B History of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
  • ART 2C History of Western Art from the Baroque to Contemporary
  • ART 4B Intermediate Drawing
  • ART 4C Representational Drawing
  • ART 15B Digital Painting II


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Take a wide range of business courses at Foothill, including finance, law, marketing, data analytics and more. Check out what's offered this winter and then see the schedule of classes for details.

  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Introduction to Data Analytics & Business Decisions
  • Business Law I
  • Principles Of Business
  • Fundamentals Of Personal Finance
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Market Analytics & Performance Optimization
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Investment Fundamentals


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Communication Studies

Do you want to improve your communication style? We have seats open in classes to help you master Public Speaking; Interpersonal Communication; and Group Discussion; and to better understand Gender, Communication and Culture.

Communication Studies Schedule

English for Second Language Learners


ESLL26 Advanced Composition and Reading
This is an IGETC/UC-approved transfer level freshman composition class, designed for non-native English speakers, taught by ESLL faculty.


Experience great stories this winter. Take one of our literature courses for inspiration and interaction with a community of readers.

  • ENGL 12A Literature of the Black Panther Party
  • ENGL 16 Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 17 Intro to Shakespeare
  • ENGL 43B and ENGL 43BH British Literature II
  • ENGL 45A and ENGL 45AH American Literature I

See English Class Schedule

Graphic & Interactive Design

Are you interested in game design? We have seats open in both GID 44A Fundamentals of 3-D Animation and GID 68B Virtual Reality Game Design this quarter.


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Explore contemporary topics in public health - an important and timely subject. Choose from Introduction to Public Health; Contemporary Health Concerns; and Introduction to Community Health Work.

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Choose from a range of history courses, including World History from Prehistory To 750 CE; History of Western Civilization (700-1800 or 1789-present); and History of the United States (to 1815; 1812-1914; or 1914-present), with both online and in-person options.

Of Special Interest

History of California: The Multicultural State, Online, CRN 31686


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Of Timely Interest

HUMN 8: Ex Machina: The Paradox of Being Human in the Digital Age, Online 30541

Join in an inquiry into reality and human culture as a co-construct between technology and art. Through the study of film, video games and other cultural products, the course traces how social media and artificial intelligence challenge our understanding of what it means to be human and how social engagement in the digital age is altered by the acceleration of time and the collapse of space. 

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Looking to learn Japanese or continue improving your skills? Start with JAPN 1: Elementary Japanese or see which intermediate and advance courses are being offered this quarter!

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Kinesiology courses introduce you to the basic physiological, psychological, sociological and mechanical principles of human movement. If you love the challenges of physical activities and sports and the rewards that come with it, consider a career in one of the fields of Kinesiology or take one of our courses that satisfies a GE requirement.

Kinesiology Class Schedule

Learn about our program

Media Studies

Choose from a wide range of courses, including Introduction to Film Studies; History of Film: 1945-Current; Current Trends in Film, TV and the Internet; Popular Culture and U.S. History; Fundamentals of Media Production, and Digital Video Editing I.

Media Studies Schedule

Music and Music Technology

Take a music or music technology class to learn a new skill, enhance your life, or just for enjoyment. We offer both music fundamentals, theory and studio technology, as well as music history and culture. Plus, in-person piano classes are back on Mondays/Wednesdays and Saturday!

Music Schedule

Music Technology Schedule


Choose from Photoshop for Photographers I;  Introduction to Photography; Photography of American Cultures; Lightroom and Photographic Design; and Studio Photo Techniques I.


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We offer a wide range of psychology courses at Foothill! Choose from General Psychology; Introduction to Biopsychology; Psychology of Prejudice Discrimination; Positive Psychology; Psychology of Women: Sex Gender Differences; Social Psychology; and more. Visit our Psychology Department for details about the program. See the schedule for what's offered this quarter!

View PSYCHOLOGY Schedule


Join us of an on-campus evening SPAN 1 Elementary Spanish class on Tu/Th at 6-8:15 p.m. or see what's offered virtually and online for SPAN 1-5 and SPAN 51 Spanish for Healthcare Workers.

 View Spanish Schedule

Theatre Arts

Our Theatre Arts program includes courses that teach you everything about being on and behind the theatre stage. You'll find classes for acting and singing;  technical theatre production and lighting; costume construction; and multicultural theatre arts in modern America. See what's offered this quarter!

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Physical Education (PHED)

Stay active and healthy! Take a PE Activity Class for health & wellness.

We offer everything from yoga and pilates, weight and cardio training,  hiking and golf, and other ways to get in shape, stay healthy and have fun—for the cost of a 1-unit course!

Register for an on-campus course this winter!
  • PHED 37 Badminton M & W noon-1:15  p.m. (CRN 31504)
  • PHED 38 Basketball M 6-8:50 p.m. (CRN  31597)
  • PHED 26 Tennis M & W noon-1:15  p.m. (CRN 31603)
  • PHED 15 Pickleball Sat 1-3:50  p.m. (CRN 31549)
  • PHED 21 Hatha Yoga M & W noon-1:15  p.m. (CRN 31595)
  • PHED 40 Volleyball Tue 6-8:50 p.m. (CRN 31534)


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Health Careers at Foothill

Earn a Certificate of Achievement in Community Health Work (CHW)

Start this winter and complete by June 2023! Learn about the 14-unit program and how to join.

Explore All Health Career Programs At foothill

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Study in Florence, Italy This Spring

April-June 2023

Study in the artistically and culturally rich city of Florence. Take classes from Foothill faculty, earn transferrable credit, and enjoy traveling in this beautiful region through included and optional field trips. Application due Jan. 19.

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