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Featured Open Fall Courses

Foothill College Fall Quarter Starts Sept. 20

While most Fall 2021 classes will be delivered virtually — using Zoom, Canvas, and other online tools, we're offering a lot in person! Check out the list below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your fall classes in Canvas will NOT display on your Canvas Dashboard until the first day of fall quarter.

lap,books and studentsSome classes will be taught at the regular times listed in the schedule (synchronously). Classes designated as 'Online' will typically allow for much more flexibility, and some classes will combine both approaches.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the method of delivery for your fall classes. You can find faculty contact information through our searchable online directory.

To learn how we are supporting our students online, visit our Virtual Campus website.

Core & GE Courses

Foothill has a variety of fall classes to fit your needs and interests. 

Looking for In-Person BIO or CHEM Classes?

View the schedule of classes for in-person labs and lectures offered this fall.

Biology Schedule

Chemistry SchedulE


Featured Program

Ethnic Studies

Take classes from our newest program! 

We are excited to offer the following new Ethnic Studies courses online and hybrid, taught by faculty member Ulysses Acevedo. These classes satisfy CSU and UC requirements. Read more about Ulysses.

For more information, visit our Ethnic Studies website.


Have you ever wondered why California is so diverse? If other animals can talk? How archaeology works? If climate change is new? Why allergies are on the rise? How shamans cure people? Whether you could solve crimes using forensics?

This is anthropology. Enroll today. Many in-person options!

VIew Anthropology Schedule




  • BUSI 95: Entrepreneurship —The Business Plan

    Become an entrepreneur! Learn about identifying business opportunities, evaluating the market, and launching your ideas!  Hybrid class meets with instructor Bennet Dubin both in-person on campus  Wednesdays at 6-7:50 p.m. and two hours online TBD.

Child Development

Communication Studies

Take a communication course online, including some with scheduled Zoom sessions.


  • EDUC 2: Introduction to Elementary Education
    Become an elementary school teacher! Start at Foothill College.
    This course provides an overview of the American education system for students interested in teaching in grades K-12. Completion of the course includes a minimum of 48 hours of fieldwork in a public school elementary classroom, under the guidance of an approved credentialed K-5 classroom teacher.

English for Second Language Learners • Non-Credit & For-Credit Options

We have new mirrored non-credit sections for our Levels 3 and 4.


We still have seats available in the following course sections!

Global Studies

DID YOU KNOW? You can earn an Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T) in Global Studies! Study the world through an interdisciplinary approach! Learn more about our Global Studies major at Foothill.

Graphic & Interactive Design


Explore contemporary topics in public health - an important and timely subject. 


Our Humanities courses meet CSU & UC requirements. Check out what's still open!

VIew Humanities Schedule


Kinesiology courses introduce you to the basic physiological, psychological, sociological and mechanical principles of human movement. If you love the challenges of physical activities and sports and the rewards that come with it, consider a career in one of the fields of Kinesiology or take one of our courses that satisfies a GE requirement.

Kinesiology Class Schedule

Learn about our program

Media Studies

Music and Music Technology

Take a music or music technology class to learn a new skill, enhance your life, or just for enjoyment, including in-person piano!

Music Courses

Music Technology CoursES



Theatre Arts

Ready to get back into the theatre? We have several online and in-person classes offered this for fall.

  • THTR 1 Introduction to Theatre
  • THTR 2A History of Dramatic Literature
  • THTR 8 Multicultural Theatre
  • THTR 40A Basic Theatrical Makeup
  • THTR 49A/B/C/D Performance Production I, II,  III & IV — with a fall production of The Book of Will
  • THTR 63A Film Television Acting Workshop

View Theatre Arts Schedule

Physical Education (PHED)

Take a PE Activity Class for Health & Wellness

We offer everything from yoga and pilates, weight training and other ways to be in condition for fall activities and much more. Our experienced instructors will help you get in shape and stay healthy. View PE classes.