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Summer Session Starts June 27

Join us on our main campus for face-to-face classes!

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In-person, hybrid or fully online—we have a course this summer to fit your needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Summer classes in Canvas will NOT display on your Canvas Dashboard until the first day of the quarter.

lap,books and studentsSome classes will be taught at the regular times listed in the schedule (synchronously). Classes designated as 'Online' will typically allow for much more flexibility, and some classes will combine both approaches.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the method of delivery for your summer classes. You can find faculty contact information through our searchable online directory.

To learn how we are supporting our students online, visit our Virtual Campus website.

Core & GE Courses

Foothill has a variety of summer 6-week classes to fit your needs and interests. 

Featured Program

English as a Second Language

The ESLL Department at Foothill College offers both non-credit and for-credit courses with five levels of courses to meet the needs of our community.

Summer Non-Credit Classes

For more information, visit our ESLL website.

Featured Course

ENGL 38 Literature of Protest — Fully Online 

Explore the theme of protest found in literature, music, and art in the United States.

Examine texts, such as essays, short stories, poetry, drama, music, paintings, photography and film, which helped to inform, sustain, and empower during difficult periods of human history.  Examine the ways in which each work confronts the status quo of an inhumane society. We will trace a tradition of protest and discover the means and methods of protest across an array of sources. 

Want to know more? Sign up for ENGL 38 CRN 10709

Courses By Department


ACTG 1A Financial Accounting 1
Fully Online, CRN 10352  

ACTG 54 Accounting Information Systems
Fully Online, CRN 10411  

ACTG 66 Cost Accounting
Fully Online, CRN 10045

VIew Accounting Schedule


ANTH 1  Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Fully Online, CRN 10134 


ART3 History of Modern Art Post Impressionism to Present
Fully Online, CRN 10796

Ceramics! On Campus!

ART44 Ceramic Sculpture
TTH 10 AM–12:50 PM, 1-3:30 PM CRN 10829

ART45A Beginning Ceramics Handbuilding
TTH 10 AM–12:50 PM, 1-3:30 PM CRN 10830


BIOL 71R Independent Study in Biology — R Programming for Biology
Hybrid 2-unit course, CRN 10882, Meets on campus W 1-2:50 PM,  June 27–July 22

Take our 5-week introductory R programming course, designed with a focus on applications in Biology research. By the end of the course, you will feel confident using R for basic data analysis and visualization. Namely, you will be able to manipulate data sets, find and install packages, conduct preliminary statistical analyses, and create basic visualizations. Weekly sessions will consist of in-person instruction and lab time (2 hours per week) working through practice exercises with help from the instructor and classmates, concluding with a group project analyzing a real world data set. There are no formal evaluations. You are not required to be a Biology major or to have any prior programming experience. 


BUSI 59 Principles of Marketing
Fully Online, CRN 10797  

Child Development

CHLD 2 Child Development Middle Childhood to Adolescence   
Fully Online, CRN 10059  


ECON 1B Principles of Microeconomics
Fully Online, CRN 10823  

English for Second Language Learners • For Credit & Non-Credit Options

Non-Credit Courses

For-Credit Courses


English 1B Compostion, Critical Reading Thinking Through Literature

Fully Online, CRN 10066


Summer Bridge English

July 11–Aug 4, 10 AM-12:50 PM, M-Th (Online Synchronous Zoom)

Prepare yourself for your first college English course and the full Foothill College experience. Learn more about the program.

Environmental Horticulture

Take a seaonal on-campus horticulture class this summer.

We're offering Integrated Pest Management; Summer Skills; Herbs Identification and Use Folklore; and Cacti Succulents. See class schedule for days and times.



GEOG 1 Physical Geography
Fully Online, CRN 10038


HIST 4B History of Western Civilization 700 to 1800

Fully Online, CRN 10033


HUMN 1  The Ancient World
Fully Online, CRN 10366  


JAPN 3 Elementary Japanese
Fully Online Hybrid  Class, Meets M 5-5:50 PM
CRN 10309


Kinesiology courses introduce you to the basic physiological, psychological, sociological and mechanical principles of human movement. If you love the challenges of physical activities and sports and the rewards that come with it, consider a career in one of the fields of Kinesiology or take one of our courses that satisfies a GE requirement.

Kinesiology Class Schedule

Learn about our program

Media Studies

Choose from these six-week courses this summer. Seats still available!

MDIA 2C Current Trends in Film/TV/Internet
MDIA 5 American Cinema
MDIA 11 Intro to Pop Culture
MDIA 12 Popular Culture and US History

Media Studies Schedule


MUS 1 Introduction to Music — Seats still available!
Fully Online, CRN 10069 


PHIL 25 Comparative World Religions of the West
Fully Online, CRN 10149


PSYC 14  Child & Adolescent Development
Fully Online CRN 10150  

PSYC 40 Human Development
Fully Online CRN  10028 


SOC 19 Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Fully Online, CRN 10018  

Theatre Arts

Check out our Theater Arts Summer schedule. You'll find Introduction to Theatre; Auditioning for the Theatre;  and Technical Production courses. Be a part of our summer musical production!

View Theatre Arts Schedule

Physical Education (PHED)

Stay active and healthy! Take a PE Activity Class for health & wellness

We offer everything from yoga and pilates, weight and cardio training,  hiking and golf, and other ways to get in shape, stay healthy and have fun.

View PE classes

Women's Studies

WMN 5 Introduction to Women's Studies
Fully Online, CRN 10178  



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