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Participatory Governance Workgroups & Committees

All meetings are open to any faculty, staff, or student interested in attending.

Planning & Resource Council (PaRC)

Visit the PaRC website for meeting dates, times and all other information.

RoundTable (replaced by PaRC in 2009)


PaRC Core Mission WorkGroups

Committee/Workgroup Meeting Time
Transfer Workgroup TBA for Fall 2017
Workforce Workgroup TBA for Fall 2017
Basic Skills Workgroup (BSW) TBA for Fall 2017
Operations Planning Committee (OPC) TBA for Fall 2017
Student Equity Workgroup (SEW) TBA for Fall 2017

Additional Governance Groups

Academic Senate
Classified Senate
Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC)
Assessment Taskforce
SSSP Advisory Council
Buildings and Grounds Committee
College Curriculum Committee (CCC)
Sustainability Committee
Technology Committee
Program Review Committee (PRC)
Student Success Collaborative
Integrated Planning & Budget (IP&B)
Student Learning Outcomes Committee