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Marketing and Public Relations

Zoom Backgrounds

Below are some Foothill images sized for Zoom backgrounds. To download, hover of the picture you'd like, right click (or control-click on a Mac) and save to desktop.

Graduation 2020

 Congratulations Grads 1Congratulations Graduates


   Congratulations Grads 2Congratulations Graduates
 Class of 2020 w/ FootsieCongrats Grads with Footsie  

 Class of 2020Class of 2020


Class of 2020Class of 2020  

 Class of 2020Class of 2020


 Class of 2020Class of 2020  

 Class of 2020Class of 2020


 Congratulations Graduates Video Background  Congrats Grads Video Background


Foothill Campus and Brand

Geometric Red Backgroundred geometric background with Foothill logo


Campus View Bldg. 1900Campus view by bldg. 1900

Admission & RecordsCampus view Admission & Records


BookstoreCampus view by bookstore

Bridge with StudentsCampus view by bridge


Bridge at NightCampus view by bridge at night

Dining HallCampus view inside dining hall


LibraryCampus view in front of library

Frog PondCampus view by frog pond


PoolCampus view by pool

Library Quad
Campus view by Library Quad


Students Success
Students standing in a row

Periodic Table
campus view by periodic table


Rainbow Backgroundbrightly colored rainbow background

Paramedic stidents infront of Sunnyvale Center

Sunnyvale Center 2Sunnyvale Center

 Sunnyvale Center 3
Large canavs artwork with an illustrated owl
   Students at the KCI
Students at the KCI Center