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Marketing and Public Relations

How We Work

Please review our general workflow process and lead times before submitting a marketing Work Order request. Incoming projects are added to a production schedule based on staff availability, department priorities, and other college initiatives. Please allow sufficient lead time with a minimum of two-weeks turnaround.

Project Workflow

Marketing Project Workflow

Project Considerations

Before beginning a project, here are some questions to consider:

  1. What are the goals for your project? The best marketing efforts should reach some sort of measurable results to ensure effectiveness.
  2. Who is your audience? The more targeted, the more likely a marketing project will yield a positive outcome.
  3. What type of help will you need and what is the scope? Projects range from developing content to  photography to design and printing or launching online. The more services needed, the longer it will take to complete the project.
  4. What is your budget? While there is no cost for our marketing services, if we utilize a third-party vendor (printing, email blasts, video editing) expenses will be incurred by the client. Make sure your department or program has approved the expense  prior to  submitted a request.
  5. What is your timeline? The more involved a project, the longer the turnaround and resources need to complete it. Planning ahead is key.

Lead Times

The lead times below are a general guidelines. If more than one service is requested (brochure design with content creation and photography), add up the lead times to get a better picture of the total turnaround time. 

Advertising, print or digital 14-21 business days
Design, Banners 8-10 business days
Design, Brochures 10-14 business days
Design, Flyers 8-10 business days
Design, Postcards 10-14 business days


Particpants and locations must be coordinated by the client

10-14 business days
Printing, Smart Shop 3-4 days
Printing, third-party vendor 14-21 business days
Promotional Materials 8-10 business days
Website Design, new page development 14-21 business days

Website Design, edits to existing pages

Email edits to

5-7 business days

Writing, content creation

14-18 business days
Writing, edits to existing content 5-7 business days
Writing, new releases 5-7 business days
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