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Uploading & Linking to Documents

Uploading Documents from the Pages View

  1. GO TO the Content > Pages list for your website and navigate to the folder where you want to upload the PDF. This will likely be your default PDF folder or a folder for an academic year.
  2. CLICK the grey Upload button on the top right (next to green new button).
  3. From the Upload box, ADD or DRAG the files from your computer.
    NOTE: The PDF file name should have NO spaces or punctuation marks OTHER THAN hyphens (if you want to separate words), except for the ending .pdf
  4. RENAME the file if need before upload while in Omni CMS.
  5. If the file name already exists, CHECK the Overwrite Existing box.
  6. CLICK Modifed (middle grey bar). Your uploaded files should appear at the top of the list.
  7.  CHECK the left boxes next to the file(s).
  8. A blue bar will appear with available actions. CLICK Publish.
  9. NAVIGATE to the page where you want to add the link to the PDF.

Linking to a PDF, Word or PPT Document

  1. GO TO the page on which you want to add the link.
  2. TYPE and HIGHLIGHT the link description on the page (and if needed, with context about why they want to access the document).
  3. SELECT the Link Tool.
  4. NAVIGATE to  and the folder where you uploaded the file(s).
  5. FIND and SELECT the file, then CLICK Insert. You will see a dialoge box that shows your file name.
  6. For PDFs and other documents, change the Target selection from  None to New Window. CLICK OK.
  7. SAVE and PUBLISH your page.
  8. CHECK your work from your LIVE website page!




OmniUpdate Support Resources

OU Campus Basic Training Video 

Quick Reference Guide (910 KB, 8 Pages)

The basic training video is general to the OU Campus interface and will be useful as an overview.

Please see training pages on the left menu for steps specific to the Foothill College OU Campus environment, specifically how to log In, image dimensions and more.

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