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If you've been assigned your department's Content Editor role and are ready to be trained, email to request a training.

Constant Gardening, Constant Editing

A website requires constant attention, much like a thriving garden, with thoughtful planting, pruning, weeding,  removal and updating of content.

This is how we charm and satisfy those who visit our website to learn about Foothill College. We want prospective students and their parents to land on a welcoming page, one that points to the information they want and need to come back again and again, to engage as students and alumni.

This training guide provides the tools and methods we use to achieve this goal.

What is OU Campus?

OU Campus is a web content management system (WCMS) — licensed by the Foothill-De Anza Community College District from OmniUpdate to help Marketing and all our departments and programs manage web pages on

Content Editors

  • Each Foothill division dean has been asked to assign Content Editors to learn OU Campus to help maintain department and program websites.
  • Content editors are trained and supported by the Foothill Marketing Department Web Team.

Our Partnership with OmniUpdate — Online Training Support

  • As our WCMS vendor,  OmniUpdate provides training support on it's website that we can all learn from and use, too.
  • Throughout this Foothill OmniUpdate Training Guide, you'll find links to OmniUpdate's Learn OU Campus website.
  • Visit our Foothill College Learn OU Campus Support page for a list of the most relevant OmniUpate training pages, starting from beginner to more advanced users.

OmniUpdate Support Resources

OU Campus Training Videos

Quick Reference Guide (910 KB, 8 Pages)

The training videos are general to the OU Campus interface and will be useful as an overview.

Please see training pages on the left menu for steps specific to the Foothill College OU Campus environment, specifically how to log in, image dimensions and more.

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