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FEI Tagline: A Community Approach to Advancing Equity



All children, youth and families in historically marginalized communities* actualize their potential, talents and voice through equitable access to educational opportunities, tools and responsive systems of support critical to success and well-being.

*Inclusive of BIPOC, immigrants and our undocumented community, LGBTQIA+ persons, etc.


FEI provides opportunities and inspires aspirations that promote college identity, equitable access and retention for marginalized and underserved students and families. The partnership with Foothill College is unique and supports a multigenerational pathway to college with family and community as foundational to educational equity and student success.


Our Approach Model

  • A collaborative, strength-based approach to learning
  • Dual capacity family and community engagement for effective family and educator partnerships
  • The development of college-going identities and multigenerational pathways to college in order to maximize the student experience
  • Shared responsibility through the cultivation of leadership, advocacy and trusted relationships


  • College-level courses for youth and families
  • Professional development opportunities for educators and families working together
  • Youth engagement opportunities, internships and mentorships that promote social connection and leadership

Capacity Building Areas

  • School and College Readiness
  • Developmental and Cultural Responsiveness
  • Lifelong Learning
  • 21st Century Learning and Global Citizenship
  • Family Strengths and Community Cultural Wealth 
  • Communication and Connection
  • Leadership and Advocacy


  • Build knowledge, awareness, access and tools
  • Develop growth mindsets and intentional equity-minded practices
  • Deepen agency to leverage advocacy and catalyze action


  • A common language and shared vision of equity that results in justice for all
  • Determination and space for children, youth, families and communities to work together to ensure an inclusive, diverse and thriving society


FEI Values

Equity Hope Courage Collaboration

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