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Office of Student Affairs & Activities

Office of Student Activities

What We Do

The Student Activities Office, part of the Student Affairs & Activities Department, is the leadership, diversity, events and information center for students while being the hub of campus life!

  • This dynamic Campus Center Team of employees educates, empowers and entertains students by supervising leadership, diversity and community service programs, services and events.
  • They work hand in hand with the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC Student Government) and many faculty, staff, administrators, academic divisions and community organizations to coordinate and present events, programs and services.
  • They offer Leadership and Community Services Classes, advise the ASFC and nearly 50 campus clubs quarterly, weekly College Hour Events, a 6-month Heritage Month Series, two ASFC Businesses, and the College's Campus Life Calendar.
  • Also, they travel to conferences with student leaders and visit the State Capital annually, oversee Campus Center venue reservations and much more!

Location: Campus Center, Room 2009


Sean Bogle, Dean of Student Affairs and Activities

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Sean Bogle, Dean of Student Affairs & Activities


Campus Center, Building 2000, Room 2002