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Community Ambassador Program

About the Program

The Community Ambassador Program (CAP) connects you with the campus community through networking and community service.

We are a community of students who can help you get involved on campus and discover your own interests. 


What We Do 

  • Showcase our college to the community
  • Campus Tours > Request a Tour
  • Provide a peer-to-peer mentoring program
  • Recruit assistants when high schools visit
  • Supervise the ambassador lounge 
  • Speak on student panels

What We Offer

  • A positive student community
  • Campus tour training, event volunteering, mentoring
  • Skill development: leadership, communication, networking, hospitality, event coordination, time management
  • A unique community college experience
  • Academic motivation 

Our Mission

To provide an accessible program that cherishes diversity where students will be inspired to discover and enhance their personal values and potential.



Become an Ambassador

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We're Here to Help!

Community Ambassador Program


Campus Center, Lower Level 2100 Room 2149