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Foothill College Promise

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I apply?

Q. What are the requirements?

  • Never attended college (summer 2019 enrollments are not disqualifying) and 
  • Enroll in and maintain a minimum of 12 units during your first and subsequent quarters of the 2019-20 academic year. (Students with disabilities taking a reduced load of at least 6 units are eligible for the Foothill College Promise.)
  • Complete a FAFSA or Dream Act Application 
  • Qualify for in-state tuition rates, including via the AB 540 Nonresident Tuition Fee exemption

Q. I participated in Foothill College Early College Promise while in high school. Am I eligible for Foothill College Promise?

Yes! Students who previously participated in Foothill College Early College Promise will receive the same benefits of the Early College Promise if enrolled full-time at Foothill College and otherwise meet all other applicable program requirements.

Q. I took college classes in high school. Am I eligible for Foothill College Promise?

Yes! Foothill College Promise is open to all first-time, full-time students. Taking college courses in high school or during the Foothill College summer session does not disqualify you

Q. What does the program cost?

Foothill College Promise program is FREE for all first-time, full-time students taking at least 12 units at Foothill College. Tuition, fees and all required textbooks and course supplies from the college bookstore are covered. Plus, Extended Opportunities Programs & Services (EOPS) students will receive $750 towards a laptop at the bookstore.  

Q. What if taking a full-time course load is unrealistic for me because of a disability?

Some students with documented disabilities may be eligible for a reduced course load (i.e., enroll in less than 12 units) while maintaining full-time status and other reasonable accommodations. Please make an appointment with a Disability Resource Center counselor to discuss your needs and request an accommodation.

Q. What if I don't pass all my classes?

Students in Foothill College Promise can use all the student support services available, including counseling and tutoring. If you do not pass your classes, please meet with a counselor to help you get back on track. As long as you remain enrolled in 12 units, you are eligible for the Foothill College Promise.

Q. Can I participate in Foothill College Promise if I start in winter or spring quarter?

Yes! If you enroll for the first time full-time at Foothill College in the winter, you are eligible for Foothill College Promise for the winter and spring quarters. If you enroll for the first time full-time in spring, you will only receive Foothill College Promise benefits for the spring quarter.

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