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Negin Taraghi

Negin Taraghi

What is your major? Biology

What year of college are you? This is my first year

Was this where you envisioned yourself in high school? I knew that I wanted to go to a community college because I liked staying home and going to a four-year right away was a lot of money. I didn’t know I wanted to go to Foothill exactly but a lot of people were telling me about the campus. It is a 40 minute drive (without traffic) from where I live so in some aspects I do get the sense of independence.

What do you think is the best aspect of Foothill? There is a lot of really good resources like the STEM program. Students can just go in and teachers are there; available to help. It really helped me get through tougher prerequisites.    

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities at Foothill? I am a part of two clubs on campus; Fund the Future and Global Brigades. I got involved from the club day, I saw them and signed up right then.

Are you involved in any extracurricular off campus? In my hometown I volunteer at my previous middle school. My brother and sister still attend the school, so I go back and tutor students.

How do you feel about student involvement on campus? It is kind of hard because people come at a certain time. Most events are hosted during lunch but some people, like myself can’t attend those because I have class at 12 pm. So I would like to see the events more spend out in order to get a lot more people involved.

Do you think Foothill is a safe place? Definitely. I am a very social person and here it is a really comfortable and social environment. I’ve had people just come up to me and ask me how my day has been.

How would you describe Foothill in three words? Beautiful, welcoming and helpful

Are you happy at Foothill? I am really happy at Foothill and I am glad that I chose to come here.

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