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Name: Miguel

Grade: Freshman

Major/Minor: Undeclared.

Was this your first choice? If not what influenced you to change it?: But leaning towards Civil Engineering, the main reason I picked it was because I really like math and I've always been into numbers.

Is this where you envisioned yourself in high school? Was this your best option?: Well to be honest not really, I got into a few state schools but I got the option to play soccer here, and continue to pursue my dreams to play soccer so I decided it would be best for me to stick around and play soccer here, and because of my family as well. Yeah I think so.

What's the best aspect of Foothill in your opinion?: The environment and the teachers are really nice, they try to help you as much as possible, and everyone's so nice and kind.

Are you aware of the extracurricular activities that Foothill has to offer?: Some teachers have talked to me about Pass The Torch and all of the tutoring and labs and everything but I never really got into it.

Have you participated in any of these? Or any off campus?: I participated in Pass The Torch because I influenced my friends to go over there and check it out and see if they could get help. And as for off campus, I helped clean the streets in San Mateo.

Would you like to be involved? If so what's the most effective way admin can reach out to you?: If i can manage it and find the time to do it I definitely would be, but I'm very busy. I see a lot of advertisement everywhere I go throughout the school, so I think admin is doing a pretty good job.

Have you seen or been involved in any social justice programs on campus? Is so do you think they're a big part of Foothills culture?: I have not. I don't think so.

Have any of these events resonated with you?:  No not really.

Do you think Foothill is a safe place academically and socially?: I think it is, it feels like a pretty safe campus, and like I said everyone's pretty nice and welcoming.

Are you an out-of-state or international student?: No

If so do you feel the classes and extracurricular activities are welcoming?: N/A

What was your first impression of Foothill and how has it changed?: At first the camus looked pretty old and I thought it wasn't going to be fun. But in my classes I met a lot of very chill people that made it fun and I really like it now.

Are you happy at Foothill?: For the most part yeah.

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