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Nathan Martinez


Name: Nathan Martinez.

Grade: Freshman.


Was this your first choice? If not what influenced you to change it?:N/A

Is this where you envisioned yourself in high school? Was this your best option?: Yes because four year colleges are way to expensive, so I rather do my first two years of general classes at Foothill and then transfer, they have great resources for students like me who want to transfer.

What’s the best aspect of Foothill in your opinion?:I really like the campus, it’s very beautiful and open.

Are you aware of the extracurricular activities that Foothill has to offer?:No, not really.

Have you participated in any of these? Or any off campus?:No I haven’t.

Would you like to be involved? If so what’s the most effective way admin can reach out to you?:Potentially, depending on what activity it is, and I think admin can make them more accessible to students.  

Have you seen or been involved in any social justice programs on campus? Is so do you think they’re a big part of Foothills culture?:I’ve seen signs, but I haven’t been involved. And yeah I would say it is a big part of Foothill culture because I think a lot of the students are aware of the issues, and a lot of them are definitely doing things to help out and make people more aware.

Have any of these events resonated with you?: Not since I’ve been here.

Do you think Foothill is a safe place academically and socially?: Yeah I feel completely safe here.

Are you an out-of-state or international student?:In-state.

If so do you feel the classes and extracurricular activities are welcoming?: N/A

What was your first impression of Foothill and how has it changed?:I thought the campus was a lot bigger than it actually is, but then I realized it wasn’t that big because it’s pretty easy to walk around and find your way.

Are you happy at Foothill?:Yeah.

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