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Andrea Minerva

Andrea Minerva

What is your major: Child development

Was this where you envisioned yourself in high school? No, I wanted to go straight to a four-year but after I learned about tuition, I felt that Foothill was a better option.

Are you involved in any extracurricular activities at Foothill? Yes, I am the president of Fund the Future and I am participating in the Foothill service trip to Guatemala.   

How do you feel about student involvement on campus? Students do not really know what is going on. It is really hard to do student outreach because many students just come to class then go straight home. I think students just need to be aware of the opportunities available.

Have there been any events on campus that have resonated with you? I loved International Week, they lots of food from different cultures and we got to listen to really cool speakers. The whole event was just really interesting, embracing different cultures.

What was your first impression of Foothill? The first thing that I noticed were the abundance of resources. The resources as well as the teachers were extremely helpful.

Are you happy at Foothill? I am. Foothill has exactly what I need, the transfer opportunities are really great. That’s why I chose to come here so I am really happy here. 

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