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Kristin Tripp Caldwell, MFA

Media Studies, Honors Instructor

Fine Arts and Communication Division

Media Studies, Department Chair
(650) 949-7562


Foothill campus
Office: 1212
Office Hours:
Fall 2019
Monday/Wednesday 12-1 in office 1212
Tuesday/Thursday online 9-10 am (email or canvas message)
available other times in person, via phone or online chat by appt.



MDIA 1.01 Introduction to Film Studies
Monday 2 - 4:50 pm - 1501
Wednesday 2-3:50 pm 1401
MDIA 1.02W Intro to Film Studies (online section)
MDIA 1H.01W Honors Intro to Film Studies (online section)

Textbooks for MDIA 1.01 and .02W: Barsam, Richard and Monahan, Dave. Looking at Movies 6th ed. WWNorton. Paperback or e-book (media pack not required). Available through the Foothill College bookstore, or publisher.

Textbooks for MDIA1H.01 Honors Intro to Film
Barsam, Richard and Monahan, Dave. Looking at Movies 6th ed.

Recommended text for MDIA 1 and MDIA 1H
Corrigan, Timothy. A Short Guide to Writing about Film. Pearson (any edition)

Recommended text for MDIA 1H
Geiger, Jeffrey and Rutsky, R.L. Film Analysis: A Norton Reader. WWNorton

NEW COURSE - Winter 2020! MDIA 8A.01W Race and Gender in American Media - online section
MDIA 8A Course Reader available from the Foothill College Bookstore

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Course information:

Information and GE Applicability for Fall 2019 courses:

MDIA 1 and MDIA 1H Introduction to Film Studies
Core requirement for Foothill College AS-T in Film/Electronic Media - Media Studies
Foothill College - Area I - Humanities
IGETC - AREA 3- Arts
CSU GE - C1 Arts

Course Description
A survey of the language, technology, and aesthetics of the moving image as an art form. The course emphasizes an introduction to the critical analysis of film and video. The primary focus of this course is research and analysis of the formal elements of film; these include cinematography, mise en scene, sound, editing, and narrative.

Course Objectives
* Understand basic film language, techniques and terminology.
* Critically analyze the film form through a variety of ideological perspectives.
* Understand a film's influence in shaping values and perceptions in popular culture.
* Identify major trends in the evolution of film as an art form and the relationship between film and other visual arts.
* Learn about a variety of film forms and prominent artists in the field.
* Develop visual literacy, thinking, and critique skills through the study of film.
* Hone thinking, writing, research, and analysis skills in relation to the moving image.

Student Learning Outcomes for MDIA 1
* Demonstrate the ability to analyze and synthesize the language of moving image media.
* Interpret and evaluate a variety of contexts and ideologies within different film forms.
* Identify and analyze the technological components of film and video making.

Course assignments
* Weekly discussion forum writing and quizzes covering films and textbook readings
* Major written exam or essay
* Final exam

MDIA 8A.01W Race and Gender in American Media

Foothill College - Area VI - United States Cultures & Communities
IGETC - AREA 4: Social & Behavioral Sciences

Course Description
This course examines the complexities of race and gender representation in U.S. film and media. Students study the history of media representation, applying theory as a tool for analysis. Examine the means by which the media define and promote cultural stereotypes. In addition, students examine how media images and institutions influence and shape racial and gender identities. Contributions to the field of important filmmakers and media artists will be examined.

Race and Gender in U.S. Media - new course! In addition to some of the complex and often painful histories of race and gender representation, (these include seminal works such as the 1915 "Birth of a Nation" ) we will examine recent film and media including Black Panther, Get Out, andCrazy Rich Asians.

Student Learning Outcomes for MDIA 8A
* Examine and interpret U.S. racial histories, how they reflect and influence contemporary racial definitions and biases.
* Describe how cultural myths and narratives about race and gender have been defined and shaped by media.
* dentify and apply major media theories, including reception/spectator, feminist, queer and multicultural, to the study of race and gender representation.
* Appraise and critique media sources with regard to their representation of race and gender.
* Identify the contributions to film and media art made by people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Course assignments
* Weekly discussions, writing analysis and quizzes covering media and course-pack readings
* Presentation or analysis essay
* Final exam


Kristin Tripp Caldwell is an interdisciplinary artist working in digital film, sculpture, installation, and most recently 360/VR cinema. Her research areas of interest include cinematic sensory perception and affective responses to film media and physical environments.

Professional Affiliations:
Society for Media and Cinema Studies
Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image
Bay Area Women in Film and Media
American Cinema Editors
Digital Cinema Society


BFA Photography/Film - University of North Texas
MFA Photography, Video and Related Media - School of Visual Arts, NYC
MA Cinema Studies in progress - San Francisco State University
Has received artist grants from the Experimental Television Center (New York), Bronx Council of the Arts, and Dallas Museum of Art. Her work has been exhibited and broadcast throughout the U.S.

Personal Quote:

The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.

Hence the ways of men part: if you wish to strive for peace of soul and pleasure, then believe; if you wish to be a devotee of truth, then inquire..

We don't want false, polished, slick films -- we prefer them rough, unpolished, but alive; we don't want rosy films-- we want them the color of blood.
New American Cinema Group

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