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Honors Counseling

Students in the Honors Institute are required to meet with a counselor every quarter.  Our dedicated counseling team is committed to your success and can provide academic counseling, career counseling, and personal counseling. Since many students in the honors program are interested in transfer, we have five designated honors counselors who can help design an education plan that meets major and general education requirements and honors certification.

We have typicallly required students to provide the Honors Institute with a Counseling Verification form, however we have suspended the submission of the verification form for the time being until on-campus functions resume. 

Counselor Phone  
Cathy Denver 650.949.7214  
Fatima Jinnah 650.949.7401  
Debra Lew 650.949.7066  
Lety Serna  650.949.7059  

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