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Paula J. Vaughan, M.H.

Humanities and Honors Instructor

Business and Social Sciences Division



Foothill campus
Office: Off campus
Office Hours:
Summer Quarter: Please email me any time. I'm happy to help and will respond within 24 hours.


Summer 2020: Online only courses
HUMN 3 World Myths in Literature, Arts, and Film
HUMN 9 Once Upon a Time? The Immortal Lure of Fairy Tales

Course information:

All of my courses are taught online through Canvas with no proctored exams or campus meetings.

The course Syllabus is available online for registered students the first day of class each quarter.

I provide add codes to the first ten (10) waitlisted students, on the first day of class fall, spring, and winter quarters. Additional late adds may be provided depending on enrollments.

I provide add codes to the first five (5) waitlisted students during summer quarter. Additional late adds are not provided due to the accelerated pace of summer quarter.

Please feel free to email me for the texts needed. I'm happy to help.

Please check the Foothill College schedule each quarter for the most current course offerings.


As a mythologist, Professor Vaughan brings a unique set of skills and interests to the Humanities Department, teaching and developing interdisciplinary courses inspired by global narratives, especially myths and fairy tales. She is extremely passionate about sharing these stories, inspired by their resonance and reflection of the human experience, their ability to awaken, guide, heal, and connect humanity. She feels that sharing stories is foundational to the humanities as a creative means by which we communicate and celebrate our individual and collective desire to be known.

Professor Vaughan graduated summa cum laude from Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor of Arts, independently majoring in World Mythologies and Cultural Anthropology. She earned her Master of Humanities with distinction from Tiffin University, with a concentration in ethnic and multicultural studies.

Immersed in mythic studies for over twenty years, she especially enjoys researching, writing, and teaching about the hero and heroine quests in literature and film; the initiatory links between myth, ritual, and fairy tales; the archetypal feminine divine; and the role of the supernatural connecting culture, ancestry, and place. Her poetry and essays have been published in Women Versed in Myth: Essays on Modern Poets edited by Colleen Harris and Valerie Frankel and Red Silk: A Red Tent Anthology edited by Womanspace.

Last update: 2020-05-22
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