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Council Archives 2018-2021

Committee Support & Resources

Each committee will be assigned a facilitator and a recorder, appointed by the President and assigned to a committee for a whole year.

  • Facilitators and recorders will be Foothill employees, but not members of the committee (they will not vote, they will not be a tri-chair).
  • Facilitators and recorders collaborate with the chairs in agenda setting.

Facilitator & Recorder Teams


  • Advisory Council: JANIE GARCIA, Facilitator; VERONICA CASAS, Recorder
  • Community & Education: ASHA JOSSIS, Facilitator; MELIA ARKEN, Recorder
  • Equity & Education: SUSIE HUERTA, Facilitator; ERIKA OWENS, Recorder
  • Revenue & Resources: SOPHIA KIM, Facilitator; DANMIN DENG, Recorder


Facilitators are responsible for the following:

  • Prepare and distribute the agenda using a standard template in sufficient time to meet Brown Act requirements.
  • During the meeting, encourage participation from all committee members, calling on members to speak (so as to avoid members talking over each other), keeping the discussion connected to the agenda item, and keeping the discussion within the meeting time.
  • Summarize actions prior to voting
  • Allow adequate time for additional discussion necessary prior to having the committee vote on an action to be taken
  • There may be a monthly meeting of facilitators to share information across committees (this will also provide a backup just in case a facilitator can’t make a meeting).


  • Recorders are responsible for taking,  posting and sharing the draft minutes of the meeting within a week of the meeting using a standard template.
  • The minutes will note topics of discussion, points made, agreement/disagreement on points made, in reasonable detail so that upon review community members could easily understand what was discussed at a meeting.



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