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Council Archives 2018-2021

Committee Charge & Topic Areas

Each committee will have responsibility over specific topic areas related to the Educational Master Plan.

It is recognized that some topic areas may overlap and new topic areas will emerge — each committee can address the topic and communicate their recommendation to the other committees.


The Charge of the committees is to monitor goals related to the Educational Master Plan, as well as supporting plans, including the strategic allocation of resources to achieve plan goals.

The Council has responsibility for overall college planning.

Topic Areas

College Advisory Council

Strategic objectives, college-wide planning, college resource allocation, prioritization of new full-time faculty hires (all funds), accreditation, program approval and discontinuance

Equity & Education

  • Instruction equity
  • basic skills
  • program review
  • 3SP
  • workforce
  • transfer
  • assessment
  • online enrollment
  • dual enrollment

Community & Communication

  • Professional development,
  • community education
  • service leadership
  • institutional learning outcomes
  • alumni
  • governance
  • communication

Revenue and Resources

  • Budget
  • technology
  • sustainability
  • facilities
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