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Business & Social Sciences

About Our Division

Online Late-Start Classes

ACTG 76: Ethics in Accounting 13W, CRN 20959starts Nov. 4 with Instructor Matthew Mendizabal

CHLD 1 Child Growth & Development: Prenatal Through Early Childhood 07W, CRN 22367, six weeks, starts Nov. 4 with Instructor Maryam Daha

GEOG 1 Physical Geography 07W, CRN 22368; eight weeks, starts Oct. 21  with Instructor M Kate Davis

PHIL 4 Introduction to Philosophy 07W, CRN 22363, six weeks, starts Nov. 4 with Instructor David Hoekenga

POLI 1 Introduction to American Government 11W, CRN 22370, six weeks, starts Nov. 4 with Instructor Megan McNamara

SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 07W, CRN 22364, six weeks, starts Nov. 4 with Instructor Joseph Woolcock

What We Offer

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Recommendations for Your Success

Reading, Writing and Study Skills

The Teaching & Learning Center offers

  • Free one-on-one 20-minute tutoring sessions for any Foothill class
  • 40-minute group workshops on different skills topics throughout the quarter.
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Online Learning

Many business and social sciences programs offer online classes that more easily fit your schedule.

To best prepare for taking online courses, please review our Guidelines for Succeeding in Your Classes


Adding Classes 

We recommend you attend a class from the beginning.

Research demonstrates that students who add late perform significantly worse than students who begin class the first week.

Please review Guidelines for Adding Classes after the Quarter Starts


Online Learning

Honors Courses

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Student & Faculty Support Center


Building 5200, Room 5211

BSS Division Office

Kurt Hueg, Division Dean
Phone: 650.949.7322
To meet with the dean, contact the Student & Faculty Support Center.

Contact individual faculty members for office hours and specific course information.

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