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*This service is suspended until further notice

Foothill College Testing and Assessment Center offers distance proctoring for online and paper-based exams from other institutions.  Exams are by appointment only and must be scheduled and completed within our normal operating hours.


  1. Email the Testing and Assessment Center to request proctoring services and wait for a confirmation email. Please provide the following information:
    • Full Name
    • Name of Institution
    • Type of exam (online/paper)
    • Name of class and exam
    • Institution's contact information
    • Phone number
  2. Once confirmation is received via email make an appointment through the Foothill Testing and Assessment website.
  3. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with his/her institution that the exam will arrive on time. All paper exams must be delivered at least 2 business days in advanced of appointment date.
  4. On the day of the test bring a valid photo ID and any additional testing material (calculator, Scantron, blue book, etc.).


 Proctoring Fees

Proctoring fees for distance proctoring:

  • $35 for exams up to 2 hours
  • $45 for exams over 2 hours
  • $3 parking (cash/quarters only)


Fees are paid before the exam through Foothill RegisterBlast Website.

There are no refunds for distance proctoring registrations fees. However, Foothill College will allow you to reschedule your appointment for another date. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please email or call 650.949.7743.

If you go under your allotted time, you will not receive a refund for time not used.



*Please note that personal items including but not limited to: cell phones, smart devices, wallets, hats, watches, car keys, and food/drink are not permitted in the testing lab.

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