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Service Leadership

COVID-19 PSA Contest Winners

Winter 2021 Public Service Announcement Contest

Create a Foothill Student Success PSA by Feb. 11 to participate!

Learn how to participate

Create a Video, Film, Song, Art Piece

 Students organized a social media content with a theme of COVID-19 and for hashtage categories in Spring 2020. Check out the winners below!

  • #FHOnlineLearning
  • #FHMentalWellness
  • #FHStandTogether
  • #FHSpreadTheTruth

About the Contest



One submission by the Foothill Veterinary Program

PSA Poster by Gayle Huang

Download Poster: Can Pets Transmit COVID-19 to Humans?



Tie in this category, with each student receiving $500:

PSA Video by Gurshaan Arora



PSA Slide Show by Madhav Varshney

Click to see: Welcome to Foothill's Virtual Campus


One submission won with one author

PSA Animated Video by Isabel Wu

Please check back to view after May 20


One submission with two authors

PSA Poster
by Maria Reyes Fabregat &  Luis Alvarez Sanchez

Download Poster: How to Avoid Xenophobia and Microagressions




Video by Bernie Miao

Poster by Jennifer "Jace" Cleron

Remember to take care of yourself during these stressful times.


COVID-19 can impact your mental health
just as much as your physical health.

But it is important to remember
that you are not alone
and there are resources available to you.

To book a virtual appointment with
a Foothill Psychological Services counselor,
please visit

If you would like additional resources
to help combat anxiety over COVID-19,
please visit

It is important to practive self-care during this time.
Activities like meditation, excercise, mindfulness
and eating and sleeping well can help you 
stay calm ad manage your emotions

Remember that social distancing
does not mean
you can't have a healthy support network.
Stay in touch with the people
who care about you.

We are all in this together.







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