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President Search 2022

The Next President

What We Need

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The next president should be a proven educational leader who shares and embodies the college’s vision as outlined in the Educational Master Plan and Strategic Vision for Equity; inspires dedication to achieving the college's core mission and values; energizes and stimulates innovation and forward thinking in a dynamic setting; and commits to the success of all students.

Embody Foothill's Core Values

Foothill’s next leader is someone who embodies the college’s core values of honesty, integrity, trust, openness, forgiveness, transparency and sustainability, and will articulate a clear vision for the institution that demonstrates genuine commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as conditions for student success. The president must be able to promote clear and consistent communication to maintain and strengthen a well-informed and engaged community and collaborate effectively with the faculty, staff and students to foster an environment that supports student self-empowerment in reaching academic goals.  

Commitment to Equity

To continue its commitment to equity, Foothill College is seeking a leader who values social justice in education and is a passionate and thoughtful advocate for student success with a focus on historically underserved and underrepresented groups. This person has a strong, proven record of educational and institutional leadership, thinks boldly and creatively, and is insightful about how to increase enrollment and continue to improve student outcomes.

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An Entrepreneurial Community Partner

As president, the successful candidate in this national search should also be an accomplished and entrepreneurial community partner and fundraiser who is skilled at developing community and business partnerships to gain access to resources, reach underserved populations and create new pathways to college and careers.

The President Will . . .

  • Embody the core values of the college and foster a campus culture that practices those core values, building on current momentum while leading change that ensures broad buy-in and action
  • Lead change through reflective practices grounded in a culture of respect, trust, forgiveness and humility
  • Cultivate continued involvement in shared (participatory) governance and maintain a shared governance model that supports trust, transparency, accountability, compassionate leadership and self-empowerment of the students, staff, faculty and administrators
  • Lead the college in actualizing Foothill College’s vision for equity as described in the Strategic Vision for Equity and Educational Master Plan
  • Be bold in vision and aspiration while leveraging collaboration and community in executing initiatives
  • Focus on data-informed decision making and environmental scanning to assure the college remains responsive to emerging economic, workforce and societal trends
  • Continue institutional transformation by continuing to embed accountability measures into the college’s self-assessment and operations
  • Have strong and proven experience in managing fiscal and human resources in an effective manner
  • Lead a President’s Cabinet that nurtures interdisciplinary collaboration; supports development of programs and classes grounded in culturally responsive teaching and learning; and supports a holistic approach to student services
  • Build an effective, cohesive and collaborative leadership team with a core commitment to student success
  • Nurture a highly qualified faculty and staff by providing a long-term commitment to their professional development, orientation, training and information sharing, so employees are better equipped to guide students, particularly those who are historically underserved and underrepresented, toward their educational objectives
  • Encourage interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaboration and coordination across the college to better serve students
  • Commit to using data to inspire changes in how everyone at the college thinks about and acts on improving student outcomes
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and future of digital education
  • Strengthen educational excellence, including opportunities for academic and campus engagement for a diverse student body
  • Increase cross-campus collaboration between the Foothill College faculty, staff and students and their De Anza College counterparts
  • Establish innovative partnerships in Silicon Valley and beyond
  • Grow public and private funding sources
  • Be the steward of the architectural integrity of the campus and the ancestral Native American land on which the campus sits 
  • Lead sustainability and process improvement efforts in college operations
  • Work effectively with the college’s collective bargaining groups and district management to support a healthy negotiation process
  • Work effectively with the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the district’s management team
  • Be an active member in Foothill’s surrounding communities, regardless of personal residence

Desired Experience and Skills

  • Proven record of working effectively with faculty and staff in building and maintaining a collegial environment, including managing diverse points of view and conflict resolution
  • Proven record of advocating, understanding and demonstrating the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Demonstrated administrative management experience working with business services, human resources, technology services, student services and academic affairs. 
  • Demonstrated organizational skills with an emphasis in budget and resource management
  • Positive record of experience working successfully in an environment of collective bargaining and shared (participatory) governance 
  • Clear and substantial evidence of innovative and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Experience in attracting new student populations through creative, thoughtful and innovative programming
  • Team-building acumen and demonstrated successful leadership in a complex educational environment
  • Experience in developing and sustaining educational partnerships and public-private partnerships
  • A background and measurable success in fundraising
  • Experience in strategic, educational and facilities master planning
  • Familiarity with Title 5 of the California Education Code and accreditation standards and processes
  • Knowledge and appreciation of the environmental and economic tenets of sustainability
  • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to workforce and career technical education in community colleges

Desired Personal Attributes

  • Visionary, innovative, culturally competent and effective leader
  • Respect for and commitment to diversity and multiculturalism through successful implementation of equity programs that embrace pluralism in all its forms
  • Bold, thoughtful and inspirational leader who values input from the campus community
  • Deep appreciation and respect for students, staff and faculty and an understanding of all aspects of student life and how faculty and staff can support it
  • Excellent communication skills with a talent for listening and a gift for forging consensus
  • Understanding and appreciation of a dynamic technology environment that can facilitate new approaches to teaching and learning
  • Irreproachable integrity

Required Minimum Qualifications

The Search Committee seeks a confident professional of the highest personal integrity with:

  • An understanding of, sensitivity to and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, disability and sexual orientation of community college students, faculty and staff
  • An advanced terminal degree (Master’s, J.D., Ph.D., Ed.D., or equivalent)
  • A minimum of five years of senior level educational or other comparable leadership experience

The President Search 2022 website includes the following sections:

Position Announcement

College Profile: The Opportunity


Application Process


Search Committee


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Foothill College President Search Questions

Contact Dorene Novotny for additional information, nominations or  confidential inquiries.