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Owl Scholars Program

Who We Are

The Foothill College Owl Scholars Program is our campus early alert support system. We help students connect to on-campus support services to help maximize their chance of success in the classroom. One of the ways we help students make that connection is through use of Starfish, Foothill's Early Alert System.

Become an Owl Scholar   

Are you enrolled in one or more of these classes at Foothill? If yes, you are eligible to be an Owl Scholar! Check your MyPortal for access to Starfish if you are enrolled in the following classes:

  • ENGLISH  1A, 1S/1T, 110, 209
  • ESLL 125, 249, 236, 237, 226, 227
  • MATH 10, 48A/248A, 105, 180, 217

How We Can Help

As an Owl Scholar, you'll receive assistance from our team, especially when obstacles may get in your way.

  • Receive one-on-one guidance from our supportive staff 
  • Create an action plan to stay on track and focused throughout the quarter
  • Access Starfish to connect to and request help from services across campus
  • Develop a support community at Foothill College

Starfish Early Alert System



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Contact Owl Scholars

 Chris Chavez


Counseling Center, Building 8300