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Office of Retention Services

About Foothill Connect

Foothill Connect — a new platform managed by the Retention Services team — is a tool that makes it easier for students to get connected to campus resources. Foothill Connect increases communication between faculty, staff, and student services to maximize students' chances for success. 

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What is Foothill Connect?

Foothill Connect allows faculty to provide timely and direct feedback to students on academic progress in their course(s), while connecting students to campus resources that will help maintain or improve their class standing—all in one online hub!

Students and faculty can also use Foothill Connect to ask questions, submit referrals, or request assistance from a number of campus resources.

Key Features of Foothill Connect

Services and Support Networks

  • Foothill Connect holds a catalog of important resources that students should know about and engage with during their educational journey here at Foothill.
  • Students can use the "I Retention Services" help feature to request information or assistance getting connected. A Retention Services team member will review the request and connect the student to the appropriate service.
  • The system also identifies certain resources and points of support that are most relevant to students based on classes they are actively enrolled in, or programs they belong to--making access to a wide array of support available at a click of the mouse!

Foothill Connect Tracking Items/Alerts

Alerts raised in the Foothill Connect system will generate an email/text to the student encouraging them to login to follow up on the tracking item.

Foothill Connect allows users to raise four main alerts:

  • Kudos (to recognize good work and effort)
  • Flags (to encourage students to meet with their instructors and seek additional support)
  • Referrals (to campus resources)
  • To-Do's (actionable items to be completed by students)


In Foothill Connect, faculty and staff can enable the appointment feature to set up office hours scheduling for students online.

  • Use Foothill Connect to set appointments with members of our Retention Services team!
  • Save time emailing back and forth to confirm availability!
  • Track cancellations and no-shows, and keep notes on topics covered in your appointments.
  • Appointments generate an outlook meeting invite that populates on work calendars when accepted.

How To Use Foothill Connect

Faculty and Staff

The Retention Services staff provides Foothill Connect tutorials for faculty and staff in written and video format through Canvas.

Access the training modules

For in-person training, please contact Chris Chavez at


Please check out this video to learn the basics of how to navigate Foothill Connect.


  • To access Foothill Connect, log in to MyPortal, and click on the "Students" tab.
  • Scroll down to find the Foothill Connect link on the bottom left side of the page.
Foothill Connect Faculty Training

To schedule an individual training, please contact the Retention Services Office at 650.949.7852

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Contact Rentention Services

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