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SAGA Foundation Renews Support for Student Veterans with $35,000 Housing Grant Group of students in Veterans Plaza

Even before the pandemic, housing was a big concern for our student veterans at Foothill College, a survey done last year indicated that nearly 50% of the respondents were housing insecure. Housing insecurity includes the inability to pay rent or utilities or the need to move frequently. Last year the SAGA Foundation generously donated $25,000 to create an emergency housing fund to provide Foothill's housing insecure veterans $750 grants. A student who received one of those grants wrote, "It caught me up on my housing payments which I was behind, and in turn allowed me to get gas and food."   

This year, the SAGA Foundation recognized that due to the pandemic, student veterans are even more vulnerable and decided not only to renew their support but give an additional $10,000 for a total of $35,000 and hope to reach more than 40 students in the coming year. These critical funds help veterans who might need money either to bridge their rent payments to avoid eviction or to pay a security deposit or first month’s rent when obtaining a new place to live and will ensure their student success. Thank you SAGA Foundation!

For more information, contact the Foothill College Veterans Resource Center.

January 8, 2021