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Foothill student finds path to Stanford

June 6, 2018

Daniel Jacobson looks to continue a family tradition started by his father when he attends Stanford University this fall. But for Daniel, the road to higher education was rocky. Personal issues and a highly competitive high school environment did not make the best combination for Daniel to pursue college right after his high school graduation.
“My grades started dropping and my motivation started dropping,” Daniel said. “I couldn’t even apply to colleges at that point.”
Daniel decided to take a gap year to focus on his mental health. He soon enrolled at Foothill, where he found that learning could be fun and constructive, rather than continually competitive. 
“Foothill was a really clear option for me,” Daniel said. “I needed a stepping stone to get myself back into school life.”
Through extracurricular activities Daniel rediscovered his love and learning and find a pathway to Stanford. The independent atmosphere and positive student outlook helped him resolve the anxiety of returning to school.
“I was taking any opportunity I could, unless I have a good reason to say no to it,” Daniel said.
In his seven quarters at Foothill, Daniel joined Pass the Torch and The Script. He presented at the Bay Area Honors Symposium and Foothill’s first annual Research & Service Leadership Symposium. Daniel also started the Environmental Action Club and was an intern with the Social Science Department at Stanford.
“I’m sad to leave because I feel very at home here. But I also feel confident to move on,” Daniel said.
Daniel plans to major in psychology and minor in environmental science at Stanford.