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Required Prerequisite Coursework (Download the list here) 

Prerequisites must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher. It is highly recommended that you complete the prerequisites listed below BEFORE you send an application. A limited number (1-3 courses) of prerequisites may be in progress at the time the application is submitted; however, ALL prerequisites must be completed before an applicant begins the Dental Hygiene program in summer.

  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.5
  • Recency of courses: There is a six-year recency requirement for the biological sciences* (anatomy and physiology, microbiology, nutrition and pharmacology) which must be passed with a 2.75 GPA or higher.
  • Completion of CSU or IGETC pattern general education (includes many of the courses listed below)

General anatomy & physiology with labs*
(1 year)

BIOL 40A, 40B & 40C C-ID BIO 115 S or C-ID BIO 110B and 120B

Human nutrition*


Microbiology with lab*

BIOL 41  None

(1 QTR/SEM) – must be taken at Foothill College. No substitution.

PHT 58

(formerly BIOL 58)


Survey of inorganic, organic & biochemistry & labs
(2 QTRs/SEMs)

CHEM 30A & 30B C-ID CHEM 101 (CHEM 30A) & CHEM 102(CHEM 30B)

Introduction to speech or communication


Introduction to Dental Hygiene
(1 QTR) – must be taken at Foothill College. No substitution.

DH 200L  None

English composition & reading 
(1 QTRs/STR)

ENGL 1A or 1AH or 1S/1T


English composition, critical reading & thinking 
(1 QTRs/STR)

ENGL 1B or 1BH or 1C or 1CH or PHIL 1, or 7, or 30

C-ID ENGL 105, ENGL 110; PHIL 210 (PHIL 7)


HLTH 21 (recommended) or HLTH 20 C-ID PHS 100 or C-ID PHS 101


MATH 10 or PSYC 7 or SOC 7 C-ID MATH 110

General psychology

PSYC 1 (recommended) or ANY Psychology course C-ID PSY 110

Introduction to sociology

SOC 1 (recommended) or ANY Sociology course C-ID SOCI 110

Multicultural/Ethnic studies course

COMM 12 or COMM 10 (recommended) C-ID COMM 150 (COMM 12) 

BS in Dental Hygiene – Entry-level Education Plan Example

  • Preparation for the major = 91.5 quarter units (first two years)
  • Majors courses & upper division GE = 105.5 quarter units
  • Total units for BS in Dental Hygiene = 197 quarter units
  • Download >> Entry-Level Education Plan Example

Course Equivalency

Please use the Transfer Equivalency System (TES) as a tool to help  assess which credits earned from previous college-level regionally accredited institutions will transfer to Foothill College. It is important to note that TES is used as an initial tool for providing you with an unofficial transfer evaluation and does not replace an official transcript evaluation, so it is strongly advised to meet with a counselor to help determine how your transfer credits apply to your degree plan. Courses not listed, must be petitioned through our Counseling Department.

Counseling, CSU/IGETC General Education Certification and Transferability

It is recommended that prospective applicants meet with an academic counselor to review and evaluate their college transcripts. Any courses needing to be petitioned for equivalency will be done at this time. The deadline for students to submit petitions is fall quarter to be considered prior to the application deadline.

To make a 30-minute counseling appointment you must have a valid Foothill College student CWID number. Bring transcripts and pertinent documentation (such as course outlines/descriptions/transcripts) to your appointment. Click here to schedule a counseling appointment.

General Education: The Dental Hygiene program grants a Bachelor of Science degree; therefore all students must complete the CSU or IGETC general education requirements prior to starting the dental hygiene program. Questions regarding general education requirements, and transferability of course work should be directed to one of the academic counselors at Foothill College (the most experienced counselors to Dental Hygiene Program are Jue Thao, Andrew Lee, Issac Escoto, and Lety Serna).


All transcripts must be sent electronically to Foothill College Admissions and Records at before the application deadline. If your college does not offer electronic transcripts, official sealed transcripts should send to Admissions and Records will suffice. Transcripts should include all work shown as completed on the application.

Note:  ALL college transcripts from US colleges and universities are required, even if the courses don’t seem relevant. An application that is not complete and/or does not have all transcripts included will not be considered.

Previous Applicants - All previous applicants must re-apply via MyPortal and resubmit all updated transcripts electronically to the Foothill College Admissions and Records Department.

Foreign Transcripts - Foreign degree/coursework cannot be used to satisfy/fulfill the prerequisites and general education pattern. The Foothill College Dental Hygiene Program is part of the Bachelor Degree Pilot (BDP) Program which allows some community colleges to award bachelor's degrees in California.  We are required to follow specific guidelines set by the Academic Senate for accepting coursework toward completion of general education.  As stated in the BDP Program Handbook, regardless if the student has completed a prior Bachelor's degree or not, the student will be required to complete additional lower division general education courses to meet the baccalaureate general education requirements which are either a CSU General Education Breadth or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum. Upper division general education courses cannot be used to satisfy (lower division) CSU General Education Breadth or Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum.


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