A Program with a Purpose

The Professional Development program at Foothill is a top college priority. We are facing so many new challenges with technology, accreditation, Generation Z students, returning veterans and more, that we believe it is important to provide new "tools" and resources to support faculty and staff to effectively support student learning.

The program includes funds for conference travel and participation, a robust calendar of workshops and events, and numerous online training opportunities - all designed to support the continuous development of knowledge and skills for the Foothill campus community. Our programs are open to all FHDA district employees.

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Office 365


Foothill College employees now have access to "Lynda.com" tutorials!
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ConferZoom Account

Get a ConferZoom account to use for video-teleconferencing.
  • Free when you sign up for your ConferZoom account! Use your @fhda.edu email address.
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Upcoming Events

Canvas Workshops in December

Attend in-person workshops to learn how to get certified to use Canvas and how to migrate your courses from Etudes to Canvas.

Canvas Certification
Friday, December 8
1:00 - 4:00 pm
Room 6402
Canvas Migration
Wednesday, December 6
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Room 6402

Online Teaching Certification - Spring 2018

April 30 - June 4

In a community of online teachers, we will explore the key component of an accessible, effective online course. Lessons will include informative modules, relevant discussions, helpful exercises, peer-to-peer critique and the creation of a final project.

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Peer-to-peer Faculty Exhange

What is the Exchange?
Faculty will participate in groups of three. Within each triad, each participant will:
  • Observe the other two members in the classroom
  • Meet to have a guided conversation about course design, equity efforts, learning goals, assessments and teaching strategies.
  • Write a 4-page reflection on what they gained from the experience

Upon completion of the program, all participants will receive a certificate of completion, and full time faculty will be eligible to earn one unit of PGA.

How do you sign up?
Send your NAME, E-MAIL, and DISCIPLINE via e-mail to Ben Stefonik (stefonikbenjamin@fhda.edu).

More Workshops

On Campus Workshops - Detailed information about upcoming on-campus workshops
Professional Development calendar - Browse and sign up for more events and workshops

Ongoing Events

Reflective Writing Challenge: 7 x 9 x 25

The Reflective Writing Challenge for 2018 is over. Make sure to read all of the great posts!

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CCC Confer

Interested in learning CCC Confer? It is offered online in both live and recorded formats. Choose what is convenient for you.

Schedule or Request a Professional Development Event

If you know about any professional development opportunities that you want us to schedule and promote please fill out the Proposal for PD Event Form.
Last Updated April 30, 2018
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