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TechCore Program

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Fall application is now closed. If interested in TechCore activities, please contact Sophia Kim, SLI Director at

About the TechCore Program

TechCore is a cohort program for students on a guided pathway to an Associate’s Degree for Transfer in Computer Science (ADT-CS).

Research shows that women, Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander individuals, and low-income individuals are underrepresented in STEM disciplines in higher education and in the workplace.

Our program provides students from underrepresented groups in the STEM field a shared learning experience to ensure their success in the transfer pathway.

Additionally, cohort programs have been proven to contribute to successful attainment of goals, such as a transfer degree, for all students. TechCore aims to break stereotypes of who can be successful in STEM by equipping students with tools and supports in both academic and work-based settings.

TechCore is open to all students. Eligible students may receive two years free tuition and textbooks through the Foothill College Promise program.

TechCore provides you with

  • A specific two-year course sequence in a cohort environment.
  • Academic support and tutoring.
  • Field trips, guest speakers, and other enrichment activities to provide exposure to careers in the tech field.
  • Summer internships in the tech field with scholarships.
  • Caring mentors and advisors.

Learn More

Watch our TechCore informational video for details about the program and how to apply.

Two-Year Course Sequence

All classes will generally be conducted in-person or synchronously online. Classes will be held in the 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. block and 1:30 to 3:45pm block, Monday to Friday. 

Select a year to see  courses by terms.

Year One


MATH 48A: Precalculus I (5 units)

MATH 48B: Precalculus II (5 units)

MATH 48C: Precalculus III (5 units)

MATH 22: Discrete Mathematics (5 units)

CS 3A: Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies in Python (4.5 units)

CS 3B: Intermediate Software Design in Python (4.5 units)

CS 3C: Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms in Python (4.5 units)

MDIA 11: Introduction to Popular Culture (4 units)

CNSL 72: Stress, Wellness, and Coping (3 units)

ENGL 1A: Composition & Reading (5 units)

ENGL 1B: Composition, Critical Reading & Thinking through Literature (5 units)



PSYC 30: Social Psychology


PHOT 8: Photography of Multicultural America


Year Two


MATH 1A: Calculus (5 units)

MATH 1B: Calculus (5 units)

MATH 1C: Calculus (5 units)

CS 10: Computer Architecture & Organization (4.5 units)

PHYS 4A: General Physics (6 units)

PHYS 4B: General Physics (6 units)

COMM 2: Interpersonal Communication (5 units)

HIST 17C: History of the United States from 1914 to the Present (4 units)

POLI I: Political Science: Introduction to American Government & Politics (5 units)

ANTH 1: Introduction to Physical Anthropology (4 units)

MDIA 1: Introduction to Film Studies


How to Apply

  1. Fill out a Foothill College admission application for the fall quarter.
  2. Fill out the TechCore program form. Be sure to read through the form carefully.
  3. Initiate an appointment with a counselor or the SLI director (see the application for details) to determine if the program is right for you.


Priority deadline for TechCore Summer Institute participants: Monday, Aug. 31, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Application now closed. If interested in TechCore activities, please contact Sophia Kim, SLI Director at


Ready to Join TechCore?

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If you are interested in signing up for the program, which is getting ready to launch in fall 2020, please contact  


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