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Program for Readiness and Exploration in STEM


The Program for Readiness and Exploration in STEM (PRE-STEM) is a learning community at Foothill College focused on increasing the persistence and retention of students, especially from underrepresented groups, in STEM fields. The program goals are for you to

  1. Explore STEM fields to get a better idea of what you want to major in.
  2. Explore careers in STEM fields that you might want to pursue.
  3. Be in a supportive learning environment, taking English and math classes together and participating in regular cohort sessions.
  4. Understand how STEM disciplines are connected to social issues and social impact.
  5. Successfully major in a STEM field and transfer to a four-year institution.

PRE-STEM is targeted to new students to Foothill College who do not have any previous degrees and are entering college for the first time. Students from underrepresented groups in STEM (women, students of color, low-income and first generation students) are especially encouraged to apply.

Please download the review this program overview (information also provided below) to learn more!

Find out more by contacting Sophia Kim, SLI Director, at

Program Basics

Involvement in PRE-STEM means you will

  • Participate in the PRE-STEM Summer Institute (July 18 - August 5, 2022)—a summer program in math and technology to get you prepared for Foothill entrance in the fall. This is highly encouraged for PRE-STEM students.
  • Take English and math classes together with the cohort. In the first year, you will take
    • Two math options, starting in the fall
      • Precalculus – Math 48A, Math 48B, and Math 48C OR
      • Calculus - Math 1A, 1B, and 1C
    • English classes – Engl 1A in the winter, Engl 1B in the spring
    • For these courses, there are specific sections you will be registering for to be part of the cohort. Please check in with SLI staff or an academic counselor for fall registration.
  • Participate in biweekly cohort sessions where you connect with your peers and participate in workshops on professional development, career exploration, study skills, and other relevant topics.
  • Be invited to field trips, guest speaker events, and other activities that increase your understanding of and exposure to different STEM disciplines.
  • Have access to mentors, counselors, and advisors, both formal and informal.

If you become part of PRE-STEM

  • You will become part of a community that will support you during your time at Foothill College. This community consists of your peers, the SLI director, and the faculty that teach the cohort courses.
  • You will have a group to hold you accountable to your goals and help you earn your Associate degree in whatever major you decide.
  • You will gain a better idea of “what you want to be when you grow up” with career goals and options.
  • You will gain insights into how STEM disciplines are connected to addressing social issues.
  • You will belong!

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