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TechCore Summer Institute 

 Registration for summer 2022 will begin in winter of 2022. Registration for TCSI happens through PRE-STEM

The TechCore Summer Institute is a free four-week program for incoming Foothill College students looking to earn a STEM degree. Through the summer institute, you will:

  1. Gain exposure to and skills in computer science as a tool for social impact.
  2. Build confidence in math in preparation for precalculus in the fall.
  3. Collaborate with others on social impact project simulations.
  4. Connect with other students who are interested in STEM fields and entering Foothill in the fall.
  5. Get ready and support for starting Foothill College in the fall.

Program Basics


  • interested in pursuing a STEM major(especially computer science, engineering, physics, or math)
  • first time enrolling at Foothill College with no previous degrees
  • live locally to Foothill College
  • continuing in the PRE-STEM learning community (see below) in fall 2021


Dates and times for summer 2022 TBD


  1. Computer science, using group project work, focusing on addressing a social issue.
  2. Math skills and confidence building workshops.
  3. Technology as a tool for social impact
  4. Guest speakers, interactive discussions, online engagement


To be determined


  • Research shows that students from all backgrounds enter STEM fields in comparable numbers
  • BUT not everyone ends up majoring in STEM.
  • Learning communities and summer prep programs like this have been shown to increase PERSISTENCE and RETENTION in STEM.
  • We want to support YOU to earn your STEM degree!


More information will become available in winter 2022.


How do I apply?

  1. Foothill College application: You have to be a new incoming Foothill College student, so you should first have filled out the Foothill College application for the fall.
  2. PRE-STEM application: The summer institute is a precursor to PRE-STEM, a school year program at Foothill focused on preparation and persistence in STEM disciplines. The TechCore Summer Institute is a program for students who have committed to participating in PRE-STEM.

If you have questions, please contact SLI@foothill.edu.

How do I know if the program is for me?

Consider the following to decide if TechCore Summer Institute is right for you!

  • Are you starting Foothill College in the fall as a STEM major and looking for a community of support?
  • Are you a graduating high school student or equivalency earner interested in science, technology, computer science, math, or engineering (STEM)  but haven’t had the opportunity to explore?
  • Are you worried about being prepared for college and want to get a head start with math and study skills? If yes, this program is for you!
  • No prior experience and skills necessary.
  • Course materials will be provided, including laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots on loan.

Note: If you have already taken computer science courses, taken AP calculus, or participated in STEM programs extensively, this program may not be a good fit for you.

How can I find out more?

More information will come in winter 2022.

What will I gain from this program?

This program will be on Zoom and each session during the day will be between 1 – 2 hours.

The morning session will be spent gaining computer science skills and working on a social impact group project with the support of Foothill College student mentors.

The afternoon will be a combination of a math skills workshop, a session on using technology as a tool for social change, and a workshop with Foothill Counselors on preparing for college.

Participation in this program requires attendance to the whole day session.

Students who complete the program will receive a certificate of participation.

Connection to PRE-STEM

The TechCore Summer Institute is a program component of PRE-STEM. All PRE-STEM students are invited to join in the TechCore Summer Institute to get ready to start Foothill in the fall.

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