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Student Services

Student Services Annual Conference 2022

The Hill We Climb: Addressing Racial Inequity in Student Support Services

Thursday, May 26 • 9 a.m.–1:30 p.m. • Join Us via Zoom


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Conference Objectives

  • To take actionable steps towards racial inequity in student services
  • To address areas of systemic oppression affecting disproportionally impacted groups in student services
  • To create an engaging virtual experience for participants

Reading Materials & Resources

Be ready for lunchtime entertainment with DJ OME, DJ HellaGood and DJ DREAMS

Join our three DJs and dance instructors for lunchtime release with your choice of Disco-House, Hip-Hop-Reggae-R&B, and  Salsa-Merengue-Cumbia-Bachata.

Conference Program

9 a.m. Morning Welcome & Keynote Presentations

Welcome & Conference Overview with Dr. Laurie Scolari, Vice President Student Services

Opening Keynote Performance with Aisha Fukushima Aisha Fukushima, Performance Lecturer, Justice Strategist, Singer/Songwriter, and RAPtivist (rap activist)

Keynote Talk: Contextualizing Student Support Services as Liberation Work, with Dr. Darrick Smith, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of San Francisco

10:25 a.m. Workshop Sessions I

Please join your breakout session of preference. See workshops descriptions below.

Balance, Beats and Breaks by Aisha Fukushima Join by ZoomOnly offered for Session 1

Taking Action Toward Financial Power by Tereza Kopcilova and Karima Karim Join by Zoom | Download Your Money Genogram

“We Have Your Back”: Destigmatizing mental health for communities of color by Alexis Donato Join by Zoom

A look at Restorative Justice; changing our student conduct approach by Catalina Rodriguez, Leticia Maldonado, and Joshua Contreras Join by Zoom

Personalizing Disability 101: Increasing Access for Students of Color by Jessica Alarcon, Michelle “Mish” Lapitan, and JP Schumacher Join by Zoom

11:25 a.m. Workshop Sessions lI

Please join your breakout session of preference. See workshops descriptions below.


Taking Action Toward Financial Power by Tereza Kopcilova and Karima Karim Join by Zoom | Download Your Money Genogram

“We Have Your Back”: Destigmatizing mental health for communities of color by Alexis Donato Join by Zoom

A look at Restorative Justice; changing our student conduct approach by Catalina Rodriguez, Leticia Maldonado, and Joshua Contreras Join by Zoom

Personalizing Disability 101: Increasing Access for Students of Color by Jessica Alarcon, Michelle “Mish” Lapitan, and JP Schumacher Join by Zoom

12:15 p.m. Dance for Social Justice

Room 1: Disco- house with EDM DJ OME & dance instructor Jessica Maria Recinos

Room 2: Hip-Hop-Reggae-R&B with DJ HELLA GOOD & dance instructor Tereza Kopcilova

Room 3: Salsa-Merengue-Cumbia-Bachata with DJ DREAMS & dance instructor Hebert Aguilar

1 p.m. Closing Reflections & Presentations

Reflection Discussion with Dr. Rogeair Purnell, Researcher, Evaluator, Facilitator President and CEO of RDP Consulting

Muralist Presentation with Rio Holaday

EOPS Presentation with EOPS Team

Closing Comments with Dr. Laurie Scolari

Workshop Descriptions

Balance, Beats, and Breaks

Presenter: Aisha Fukushima, Singer, Speaker, RAPtivist

Description: As leaders, and lifelong learners it is important to have time to realign with our values. It is also important to find time to decompress so that we can move through the day with more joy and less stress. In this session we will move through some mindfulness practices to root and uplift us. This session is an opportunity to explore the power of your voice, and the power of creativity as a portal for changemaking (from the inside out). Our time together will involve music, movement, breathwork, freewriting, and sweet moments to decompress/express. Student Services' equity-centered values will serve as a framework for our time together. Come as you are, all are welcome.

Zoom Room

Taking Action Toward Financial Power

Presenters: Tereza Kopcilova, Financial Aid Administrative Assistant and Karima Karim, Financial Aid Outreach Coordinator


Reading Materials: Download Your Money Genogram

Description: Financial Literacy is a lifelong journey that is often not talked about. So, join us to learn about the importance of promoting financial literacy especially within communities of color. In our workshop you will learn how we are addressing the issue and will be given the chance to share your suggestions. We want to hear your ideas for how we can share financial literacy tips with more students across the college. Join us for our financial literacy workshop! Download

Zoom Room

“We Have Your Back”: Destigmatizing Mental Health For Communities Of Color

Presenter: Alexis Donato, LMFT: Department Chair, Psych Services & Personal Counseling

Description: May is Mental Health Awareness Month! It’s the perfect time to reflect on the impact of mental health stigma, especially among our students of color. During our time together you’ll hear from students how mental health stigma has impacted them, learn more about important research connected to mental health stigma among communities, consider your own messages around mental health stigma and how we can come together to support our students’ wellbeing by brainstorming together how destigmatizing mental health. Come be a part of the solution! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Zoom Room

A Look at Restorative Justice; Changing Our Student Conduct Approach

Presenters: Catalina Rodriguez; Leticia Maldonado; Joshua Contreras

Description: Join us to learn about our student's experiences with our Student Conduct Process and how a restorative justice approach and educational resolution can build and sustain a culture of kindness, respect, responsibility, and justice.

Zoom Room

Personalizing Disability 101: Increasing Access for Students of Color

Presenters: Jessica Alarcon, DRC Assistive Tech & DHH Coordinator; Michelle “Mish” Lapitan, DRC Accommodations Coordinator; JP Schumacher, Dean, DRC & VRC

Description: Unsure of your personal connection to disability or want to dive a bit deeper?  Then attend our workshop!  People tend to more effectively and passionately advocate when there’s a personal connection to what they’re advocating for.  By the end of this introductory workshop, you should be able to surface your own personal connections to disability and become a stronger advocate for students with disabilities- particularly students of color with disabilities. 

Zoom Room


Aisha Fukushima, Performance Lecturer, Justice Strategist, Singer/Songwriter, and RAPtivist


Raven HayesAisha Fukushima is a Performance Lecturer, Justice Strategist, Singer/Songwriter, and RAPtivist (rap activist). Fukushima founded RAPtivism (Rap Activism), a hip hop project spanning 20 countries and four continents, amplifying universal efforts for freedom and justice. She is a multilingual, multiracial African American Japanese woman who has done lectures and performances everywhere from the United States to France, Morocco, Japan, Germany, England, South Africa, Senegal, India, Denmark and beyond. Fukushima’s ‘RAPtivism’ work has been featured on Oprah Magazine, TEDx, KQED Public Television, The Seattle Times, TV 2M Morocco, The Bangalore Mirror, HYPE, South Africa’s #1 Hip Hop Magazine, and Tour highlights include performing for audiences of over 20,000 people in Nepal, speaking with the President of Estonia about the power of music to create change, and sharing stages with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Angela Davis, Emory Douglas (Black Panthers), KRS-One, Herbie Hancock, Christian McBride, The Isley Brothers, and M1 (Dead Prez). As a public speaker, Aisha combines the art of performance and lecture. In my keynotes she links themes such as hip hop, global citizenship, empowerment, feminism and cultural activism through storytelling as well as live musical performance. See full bio here.

Dr. Rogéair D. Purnell, President and CEO of RDP Consulting


Dr. Rogéair D. Purnell, President and CEO of RDP Consulting, is a researcher, evaluator, facilitator, and former grantmaker. She has designed, led and consulted on numerous high-profile studies and projects focused on advancing opportunity, promoting success, and catalyzing change. She is leveraged for her ability to navigate diverse communities, boards, businesses, and industries, including K-16 education, philanthropic foundations, and governmental agencies. And her intellectual commitment to unbiased analyses strengthens partnerships and equips organizations with sound insights for establishing and achieving significant milestones. Prior to becoming a consultant, she worked for non- and for-profit organizations where she effectively managed difficult conversations and built consensus. She thrives when collaborating with her client partners to ensure justice. Dr. Rogéair Purnell launched RDP Consulting in 2009 to offer culturally competent, equity driven, and asset-based research, evaluation, and coaching to nonprofit and philanthropic leaders. She brings over twenty-five years of professional experience as a program director, grantmaker, researcher, evaluator, and facilitator. As a director, she coordinated a program for 16 to 20-year-olds who had left high school to complete community college courses to earn both college credit and a high school diploma. As a program officer, she supported efforts to improve high school completion rates and postsecondary opportunities for low-income youth. As a research associate with both for- and non-profit research organizations, Dr. Purnell helped design and implement research on and evaluation of initiatives to improve employment and health, to prevent teen pregnancy, and to increase completion rates for community college students. Dr. Purnell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Stanford University, as well as a master’s degree in social work and a doctoral degree in social work and social psychology from the University of Michigan. In 2008, she was selected as one of the 45 Faces of A Better Chance, an organization dedicated to substantially increasing the number of people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in U.S. society.

Dr. Darrick Smith, Professor, University of San Francisco

Darrick Smith

Dr. Darrick Smith is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of San Francisco and Co-Director of the School of Education’s new Transformative School Leadership (TSL) program. His research interests are culturally responsive discipline practices; critical pedagogy; transformative school leadership, and social justice schooling. Dr. Smith is the founder and former Director of the TryUMF program in Oakland, CA and formerly served as the Co-Director/Principal of the June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco. He has served as a trainer and administrative coach in local school districts as well a Center Director under the Foundation for California Community Colleges- the system for which he still consults as a trainer for the statewide Professional Learning Network. Nationally, Dr. Smith also currently serves as a national consultant for the Now is the Time Technical Assistance (NITT-TA) Center funded through the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Internationally, Dr. Smith serves as a professor to practitioners serving within the East Asian Regional Council of Overseas Schools and recently served as a lecturer and scientific reviewer for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) International Summer School in Warsaw, Poland. Dr. Smith’s pathway has led him to speak at a number of national and statewide conferences on issues of educational reform as well as work in California’s correctional facilities while maintain his lifelong dedication to resistance efforts in the Greater Bay Area of Northern California. Such experience has shaped both his research agenda and his pedagogy for the last 20 years.


DJ OMESince they began DJing in 1999, Omedj has become known for their infectious energetic stage presence & an eclectic pallet in song selections. Ome has been described as 'the Peoples DJ' having DJed alongside political leaders such as President Barack Obama, Blair Imani, Ilhan Omar, Stacey Abrams, Hillary Clinton, and Dolores Huerta as well as celebrity actors Keegan Michael Keys, Hasan Minhaj & Eva Langoria. Ome has performed and emceed in front of audiences awaiting Grammy-winning artists such as La Santa Cecilia and Little Joe y La Familia to other acclaimed acts like Ty Dolla $ign, Saul Williams, Chicano Batman, Las Cafeteras & Climbing Poetree. In addition to their DJ duties, Ome Quetzal Lopez is also the co-founder of Dulce UpFront, an award-winning multi-media art-activist organization, having produced over one hundred events capturing the attention of thousands of people, working in partnership with a large constellation of artists, activists, event producers, Organizations, and colleges nationwide. In 2018, Ome was awarded Inspirational Queer Activist by Queer Out and highlighted by Rise Up, alongside Alicia Garza & Bambadjan Bamba, as part of the next generation of activists in California who are actively creating and inspiring change on a local and global level. In 2020, Ome was awarded City of Fresno District One Woman of the Year in Arts & Culture.

DJ Domingo Reynolds (AKA DJ HellaGood) 

DJ OMEDomingo Reynolds (AKA DJ HellaGood) started spinning records in 1996. He is also known as MC Spidey in the Bay Area from his work with the Oakland-based hip hop crew, Psychokinetics. Psychokinetics has earned comparisons to OutKast and Common, and their superb writing skills that have earned them a John Lennon Songwriting Award and a Finalist Spot in The Independent Music Awards. SF Weekly describes the group as one that pushes the boundaries of what one expects from underground hip hop by weaving in funk, soul, and electronica. DJ HellaGood has a loyal following and a reputation for both his spinning skills and his rap artistry.


DJ OMEMar Mendoza aka DREAMS is a chicanx trans dj, producer and musician living in Oakland. DREAMS is resident dj of Passionfruit Queer Dance Party and collaborator with radical queer hair salon, Beauty Botanica. Follow them both on Instagram @dreamsthedj @Beauty_Botanica

Muralist Rio Holaday

DJ OMERio Holaday (she/her) uses visuals to make you feel seen, heard, and grounded in our collective journey towards justice. She has a public health background and became a visual practitioner in order to make information accessible, gatherings engaging, and the journey more joyful. Rio is a Culture of Health Leader with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Rio was formerly the Director of HOPE Collaborative, which organizes black and brown communities in Oakland around equitable health policies, and a Senior Policy Analyst at ChangeLab Solutions, which uses policy and planning tools to create healthier communities. She co-founded Rebel Ventures, a social enterprise that works with high school students to make healthy snacks to sell in corner stores and schools, and conducted research on food access in Philadelphia. Rio is a former Fulbright Scholar and worked in refugee resettlement in Vermont. She received her MPH from the University of Pennsylvania, MA in Forced Migration from the University of the Witwatersrand (VIT-vahters-rand), and BA from Wesleyan University.

Jessica Maria Recinos,  Dance Instructor

Jessica RecinosJessica Recinos, a proud Latina dancer, choreographer and company director from San Francisco’s Excelsior neighborhood, has developed her own multidisciplinary dance style and aesthetic drawing from street dance forms, such as Vogue, Hip Hop and Afro-Latin dance forms. An experienced arts educator who has taught at LINES, SF School of the Arts and in the community dance program at SF Ballet, Jessica is gifted at working with, listening to, coaching, and sharing stories from young people. Through Rising Rhythm, the company she founded and directs, Jessica works with both professional and young artists to build the next generation of dance entrepreneurs and changemakers!  For full bio, visit www.risingrhythm.live

Tereza Kopcilova, Dance Instructor

Tereza KopcilovaxI began dancing at the age of 5 and competed since I was 9 years old. I started my dance journey with Hip Hop and Tap Dance, and since then grew my love to more dance styles, such as Ballet, Modern and Contemporary dance. Over the years I have attended national (Czech), European, as well as World competitions, and won many titles as a soloist, a duet/trio partner, and a group member. I also participated in numerous dance shows over the years, one being "Love 2018" organized by Foothill College Dance in the Smithwick Theater. Besides performing, I was also a Hip Hop & Tap Dance instructor for 6 years which was one of them most rewarding experience as I was able to share my passion for dance with others.

Hebert Aguilar, Dance Instructor

Herbert AguilarWas born in San Francisco and has lived in the Bay Area all of his life. He has been dancing ever since he can remember, inspired by Michael Jackson to learn Hip-Hop, Break dancing, Popping, Tutting, and by his parents to learn Latin dance at family parties. He was introduced to Salsa in his sophomore year of high school and immediately fell in love with it, going every summer to classes and taking his dancing career to the next level by performing at social events, festivals, and getting trained by professionals in the Latin dance world. At age 15 he began instructing Salsa at Colleges and Ballrooms, he went to college during the summer breaks in high school to expanded his repertoire with other dance genres such as Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Waltz, Bachata, Mambo, Rumba, Cha cha cha, East Coast Swing, and more. For full bio, visit www.timbaheat.dance

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