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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

2021 Award Recipients

The 2021 Research and Service Leadership Symposium is proud to recognize the 150+ participants who presented their research, service, and creative arts projects this year. 

We would like to give special acknowledgment to a number of stand-out individuals and groups who were selected by RSLS judges and Symposium  attendees

  • 5 Judges' Award recipients
  • 14 Judges' Special Recognition for finalists
  • 5 Viewers' Choice Award recipients.

Judges' Award Recipients

Among the many stellar projects, there were 5 deserving of the Judges' Award due to their diligence in project development, excellence in presentation materials and delivery, and significance in the scope and impact (current or potential) of their project.

Judges' Award for Excellence in Research

  • "We Could Use a Little Kelp: The Policies Surrounding Lowtropic Aquaculture in California Waters" by Brittney Postle
  • "Native American Art: Calling for Social Justice" by Elisabeth Bonnet

Judges' Award for Excellence in Service

  • "Foothill's Medical/Dental Telebrigade Initiative " by Anna Jackson, Hermelinda Renteria, Breanna Spragin, Jessica De Anda
  • "Inspiring Young Women in STEM " by Venicia Massey & Sydney Tomaneng

Judges' Award for Excellence in Creative Arts

  • ""Shikorina: A Mural Mock-up " by Libbey Castleman

Special Recognition


Special Recognition for Judges' Award Finalists!

Before viewing the presentations, we selected 19 finalists for consideration based on their submitted materials. The decision was difficult due to the considerable value of each project:

  • Joelle Alegre: "Essays in a new Era of Technology"
  • Bianca Wu: "Banana: Yellow Skin, White Core"
  • Adam Hashmi, Noor Navaid, Rachel Homayonfar, Aishy Panwar, and Mukhammadrizo Maribjonov: "The Plight of Uyghur Muslims in China"
  • Priya Vasu: "We Demand: Leveraging the California Community College’s Participatory Governance System to Bolster BIPOC Student Activism and Leadership"
  • Leila Taherian: "Equity in Public Education: Rethinking Inputs and Outputs"
  • Eleni Stogianni: "The Impact of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress"
  • J.W. Pogue, Hope Takahashi: "The impact of socialization on college student’s life satisfaction levels"
  • Adam Hashmi, Stephanie Liu, Pauline Antonio-Nguyen, and Amy Van: "Athletes in Action: Slaying Social Injustice with Sports"
  • Erin Riley: "Norman Lewis; Harlem on My Mind"
  • Isabelle Law, Nathan Ho: "Animating Organic Chemical Reactions for Students"
  • Chris Sakurada, Hayden Seto, and Jeff Anderson: "Power Blocks: Giving Students the Power to Define Their Learning Experience"
  • Catherine Ancheta, Evelyn Ponce Guevara, Patricia Guillen, Rubi Lisalde, Licet Gonzalez: "Healthy Smiles: An Oral Health Education Program to Promote Oral Hygiene Practices and Knowledge"
  • Hannah Finegold, Janna Wang and Adaline Roll: "COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Evaluating personal growth, communication skills, and community building"
  • Annamarie Hernandez, Tatiana Livshits, Tiffany Martinez, Amy Shannon, Breanna Spragin: "An Insider’s Guide to Foothill College and the Surrounding Communities of the South Bay and Peninsula"

Viewers' Choice Award

You spoke and we listened! Attendees of the 2021 RSLS had the opportunity to vote for the Viewers' Choice Award. Of the many projects that viewers' identified as having an impact on them, 5 projects stood out, receiving the most votes throughout the day. 

Your votes were tallied . . . Here are the top 5!

  • A cross sectional community research project to evaluate effectiveness of teledentistry on low socioeconomic demographic during the COVID-19 pandemic - Niyati Trivedi, Christy Ilio, Zesi Fu, Thida Win, Thi Bich Thuy Nguyen
  • The Plight of Uyghur Muslims in China - Adam Hashmi, Noor Navaid, Rachel Homayonfar, Aishy Panwar, and Mukhammadrizo Maribjonov
  • Elevating Voices in the Era of COVID-19 - Tiffany Chua
  • Understanding and Overcoming Eating Disorders - Stephanie Velasco-Diaz
  • COVID-19 Vaccines: Interactive, Multimedia Education for Elementary Students - Isabelle Law, Shania Jafri, Natalia Denenberg, Amy Van, Scarlet Wang


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