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Meredith Heiser

Meredith Heiser



Leadership Institute Annual Conference

July 2004: Dr. Heiser next to photo of Bismarck, at the German Foreign Ministry (in the room which formerly housed the East Germany Politburo).

 Symbol of Germany in the Bundestag

Symbol of Germany in the Bundestag.


Dr. Heiser at German Foreign Ministry

Dr. Heiser (second from right) at the German Foreign Ministry.


Teaching and Learning

I think that professors' continuing efforts to write and present material is crucial to teaching and learning. That includes efforts at the Foothill community as well as outside of Foothill. I think such efforts are imperative to stay current in my field and to actively add to your course work as well as the knowledge base in the field itself. The following is a chronological list of my efforts in this regard during the 2004-2005 academic year. I will continue to add to my site each year from now on. These links and PDF files will hopefully assist you in your own teaching and learning:

January 05, 2010

Here are two examples of Dr. Heiser's recent academic research. The article on Kurt Maetzig grew out of a NEH seminar at Amherst. The article on Gen. Stilwell grew out of a Hays-Fulbright seminar in China. If you have any questions or comments to make about these articles, please e-mail Dr. Heiser.

June 13-25, 2004

DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Summer Seminar in German, European, and International Economic Law. This seminar was co-sponsered by the University of Bonn. To review the overall program, open this Word document. To review my comparison of German and American federal courts, open this Word document.

Seats in Bundestag

Seats in Bundestag (notice two seats top left for the two Party of Democratic Socialism members).

See caption
Picture in Bundestag, which depicts Germany's travails (note deteriorating spine, hammer and sickle, and fire).

Oct. 7-10, 2004

German Studies Association Conference Paper (28th annual conference in Washington D.C.). To review my conference paper, open this Word document.

Nov. 6, 2004

  • Stanford Continuing Studies: The European Roundtable The EU at a Crossroads: Tension Between Expansion and Integration "What it Means to be a New Member of the EU: A View from Poland" To see my presentation, open this PDF attachment.
  • To view all of the panelists' presentations, go to
  • These are some teaching notes, which I will continue to update, to assist teachears who use the text, Ethics and Global Politics Teaching Notes Kosovo/NATO

Online Files and External Links


German Unification Study

This is a classroom activity which I use in Poli 8, which is intended to help other teachers explore the complex issues surrounding German unification in 1990. Falk Cammin and I collaborated on the creation of this site.



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