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Request Another Canvas Section

If you have already created your Canvas course and are assigned to a new section at a later date, you can easily add it to your existing Canvas course site.

Download 'Add a New Section to a Canvas Course' (pdf)

In MyPortal

  1. Log into MyPortal (
  2. Click on the Apps located in navigation on the left
  3. Click on the Canvas icon

    Arrow pointing to Canvas icon in MyPortal

  4. Click on "Activate Foothill Canvas Site"

    Arrow pointing to Activate Foothill Canvas Site

  5. Click on "Select a Term" drop-down menu

    Arrow pointing to dropdown to select term

  6. Select the appropriate term
  7. Under 'My Banner Schedule', locate the course section you would like to add to your existing Canvas course.
  8. Click on the 'Option' menu of your new section and 'Add Section to Existing Course'.

    Arrow pointing to Options dropdown menu next to section that is to be added to existing course

  9. Select the course where you would like to add the section.

    Arrow pointing to Choose a course... dropdown menu