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Federal Work-Study Program (FWS)

Urgent Spring Quarter Need:

Federal Work-Study Community Service Employees
to work as Reading Tutors (with Reading Partners) at local elementary schools ($15-$17/hour)

Email johnsonchristine@fhda.edu with your student ID number if you are interested and are receiving a 2018-19 Pell Grant or have been offered a 2018-19 Federal Direct Subsidized Loan. 

2018-19 Federal Work-Study Jobs Still Available.

If you are currently receiving a 2018-19 Pell Grant, you are most likely eligible for a Federal Work-Study Job.

Find a link to our Current Job Openings below.

Get a Job on or Near Campus!

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally-funded program that helps make jobs available for students with financial need. It is one type of financial aid that you apply for when you submit your FAFSA.

Most of Foothill's FWS jobs are on our main campus. We also have a few community service positions at nearby elementary and high school campuses (tutoring) and a position or two at our Sunnyvale Campus.

While being eligible for the FWS program does not guarantee you a job, it does allow you to apply to a number of positions open only to FWS students.

Benefits of a FWS Job

  • You only need to be enrolled in (and earn) 6.0 or more units each quarter.  (Other student jobs require 12.0 units.)
  • We have a listing of current FWS job openings—and supervisors eager to hire.
  • Income earned in a FWS job will not affect your future financial aid eligibility. (Income earned in your FWS job is taxable like any other income. When you fill out your FAFSA, you would list it as your income earned from work. However, you will also list it as income from "need-based employment," and it will be excluded when FAFSA calculations are made.)
  • You will gain valuable work experience, make contacts that could benefit you for years to come, and have an employer who knows your education comes first and who will be as flexible as possible with your work schedule.
For more information on all forms of Foothill student employment: Student Employment

Am I eligible for a FWS job?

Basic FWS eligibility requirements:
  • Be enrolled in at least 6.0 units at Foothill, and
  • Be in  "Good" or "Warning/Probationary" standing for financial aid; and
  • Have a current federal financial aid award--usually a Pell Grant or a federal direct subsidized loan offer. Note:  The "California Community College Promise Grant" (formerly known as the BOG  fee waiver) is not federal financial aid.)
    • Most eligible students will see a "work study job" message in their MyPortal financial aid offer. You can click on that message for more information.
Requirements for all student employees:
  • Have a cumulative Foothill-De Anza GPA of at least 2.0, and
  • Be a new Foothill-De Anza student or have a quarterly GPA of at least 2.0 in your most recent quarter (and in the most recent quarter that you earned at least 6.0 units); and
  • Have fewer than 180 attempted units at Foothill and De Anza colleges combined.

How much can I earn?

Most students are allowed to earn up to $2,000 per eligible quarter, but the amount can be less depending on your financial need. The actual amount you earn will depend on the job you choose, your salary, and the number of hours you want to work.

How do I get a FWS job?

Review our Current Job Openings list (below) and apply to any jobs you are interested in. The list includes basic job descriptions, job-specific requirements, and instructions for applying for each particular job.

Apply early
  • Each year we have enough funds to fill about 25-35 FWS positions. Once those funds are awarded, hiring stops.
  • We start interviewing for Summer-start positions (which begin as early as July 1st) in June. Interviews for Fall-start positions (which can start as early as September 1st) can start as early as late July.
  • Historically, we are out of our initial pool of funds by October 31.

How to read the Current Job Openings list

  • The list contains jobs for both Foothill and De Anza campuses. You may only apply for Foothill campus jobs.
  • To sort the list so that Foothill jobs appear first, click the "Campus" heading two times.
  • Click on any job title to view details about that job and to get instructions on how to apply for that job.

You may want to apply for more than one position to increase your chances of being hired. You should only accept one offer.


Current FWS Job Openings


What if there are no current job openings?

Additional FWS jobs (and funds) can open up throughout the year. Keep checking.

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