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Congratulations to
Completion Program
Class of 2022! 
Class of 2020 Graduates


Here are some thoughtful testimonials that our graduates have to say:

"My quest to improve my personal and professional status led me to pursue a greater understanding of my strength, weaknesses, and limitations. My journey to complete the AS to BS-DH program at Foothill College will open up additional doors and opportunities for me to grow, thrive, and hone my skills not only in the clinical setting but also in the campus setting as an educator. I plan to share my knowledge and experience with other dental hygienists by becoming an instructor at the local community college where I currently live."
- Joy Bernardo Velasquez, RDH, BSDH 


"I feel more confident in myself knowing I did extra schooling. I had a couple of job interviews and a lot of doctors were impressed I was finishing this BSDH + doing FT. I think this gave me bonus points to have multiple job offers. Patients also love knowing I did extra school because that showed how passionate I am about dental hygiene. I think I will stick to private practice. I wanted to go into clinical instructor, but I love chair side so much. It just feels good knowing I did this for myself knowing I can have other opportunities in the future. Personally, it made me challenge myself and proud I completed the program. "  
-Elyssa Concepcion Anglo, RDH, BSDH 


"After years of being out school, I wasn’t sure I could do this. Managing working, family and school was challenging at times, but the professors and fellow students were super helpful and supportive. Turning in my final work felt amazing! I learned so much new information and have a new appreciation for our educators! " 
Jan A Brooks, RDH, RDHAP, BSDH


"I had a great time during this program. It was nice to have an option for an affordable online bachelor program to enhance my associate degree. The classes were very informative and the instructors were genuinely there to help make sure we understood the information. I've learned so much during the program and intend to use a lot of what I've learned during the rest of my career and beyond. With this degree, I hope to transition in the future to a hybrid clinical/administrative position within the company I already work for.
- Mindy Duncan RDH, BSDH


“This program was a wonderful opportunity for me to complete my degree & advance my profession while being able to continue to work.  It is a great way for working professionals to continue their education, not only because of the online delivery format but the affordability as well.
All of my instructors were extremely helpful & knowledgeable in their field. 
Now that I have my bachelors degree, I plan to pursue a career in education.  I would also like to earn a masters degree in either dental hygiene and/or public health.

Yvonne Espinosa, RDHAP, BSDH


"After obtaining my bachelors degree in dental hygiene, I plan to use apply it to work in clinical education. I’d love to help teach at a dental hygiene school as a clinical instructor. Fortunately right now I am working full time in a private practice and plan to continue working full time in my office for the next few years! This program has allowed for me to grow as a student, and has given me the tools to become a successful educator in the future! "
-Sarah Michelle Toothman, RDH, BSDH 


"The AS to BS-DH was challenging yet very fulfilling and rewarding. I learned a lot and plan on implementing that knowledge. I have learned a lot personally and professionally in many aspects including research, science, patient care. I have not gained a new position but have been recognized at work and been given a substantial raise after acquiring my BS.  I plan on pursing teaching in the future. "
-Juana A Valencia, RDH, BSDH


"I did the 1 year program while working as a hygienist 40hrs/week. It was a lot to handle, but it was definitely doable. I found that sitting down and devoting a day to getting things done was easier than an hour here and there. I do not have any plans for my degree, but I have been in practice for 10 years and have always wanted to get it. I am so happy I did. If you are debating doing this program, DO IT! It is worth it, it is made for us, and it will help you take that next step you've been thinking about."
-Samira Page, RDH, BSDH


"I feel like this program gave me the tools to be a better dental hygienist. The classes were engaging, the instructors created welcoming environments, and all the information I learned was insightful and relevant to my field. Whether I continue clinical work or move on to other opportunities, I’ll take all the experiences from this program with me."
-Andrea Lopez, RDH, BSDH



"Attending Foothill dental hygiene AS-BS-DH program was a great experience. With owning my own dental practice as a RDHAP and raising three children, I was able to complete the program without feeling overwhelmed. This program has better prepared me for my next adventure in attaining my masters degree in public health."


"AS to BS-DH program was a great educational journey that enhanced my overall skills as a dental hygienist. It has helped me to be more confident and a well rounded clinician. In addition, I have become a passionate advocate of healthy oral health, an effective researcher, enhanced communication skills , increased interest working as public health provider and educator." 
-Susan Roshanmal, RDH, BSDH


"This program enhanced my life not only as a dental hygienist but as a person. I learned so many useful tools and it opened my eyes to many issues that are going on in access to dental care in our world. I am not sure yet what I will do with my bachelor's degree. It has been a personal achievement of mine to obtain a bachelor's degree for many years and this program made it possible." 
-Kari Costa RDH, BSDH


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