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Congratulations to
Completion  Program
Class of 2020! 

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Here are some thoughtful testimonials that our graduates have to say:

"The online courses are well thought out and challenging, but during the program I felt supported by the faculty and a genuine camaraderie with classmates. Since I’ve completed my BSDH I have applied for a part time position as a clinical dental hygiene instructor. Along with additional professional opportunities I am proud of myself for successful completing this educational goal. I would like to tell my dental hygiene colleagues who are considering their BSDH to take a leap of faith and do it. Start slow if needed. One class at a time will eventually get the job done."
- Michael John Long, RDHAP, BSDH 


"Completing my bachelor’s degree in the AS to BS-DH program at Foothill gave me the ability to secure a multitude of options for my future. Overall, I found the program to be affordable, attainable, and definitely worth it. The instructors and topics covered opened my eyes and gave me the tools to be a better clinician. They also prepared me to continue on in my career in whichever way I choose. If you are a hygienist considering whether to complete your bachelor’s I would say go for it!
Without a doubt it has been a positive step forward.
-Jamie Dean RDH, BSDH


"Completing this program has enabled me to continue on to my master's degree. With this I am able to help more people and the program was affordable enough that I have no debt." 
Faye Knapp


"This program definitely enriched my life as well as my career; the curriculums were well thought-out and interesting, and the instructors were all phenomenal. While the courses were by no means easy, they were structured in a way that was very manageable for any busy full-time clinician to easily accomplish. I am so grateful for this program and this experience!
Michelle Trimbath


I was able to complete the AS-BS program in 5 quarters, remaining full time taking 2 classes per quarter. Because this program is entirely online my work schedule was not impacted and I was also able to work full time and continue my degree. I decided to obtain my BSDH degree to open up more career opportunities in the dental hygiene profession and now that I have completed the program through foothill college, I am able to do so. I would recommend this program to any hygienist looking to go back to school because it is extremely affordable and flexible with anyone’s work schedule.
-Sara Schwarz,


"The RDH AS to BS program at Foothill College was an excellent, well-structured program that allowed me to work full time and provide for my family while advancing in my career and allowing me exponential opportunity for further success. I am so grateful for the education that I received, especially at an affordable cost. I would highly recommend this program to any RDH looking to advance their career, even if you are working full time, like I have been. There is no better time than the present."
-Emily Fuentes, RDH, BSDH 


"I am very grateful Foothill College offers this valuable opportunity for working dental hygienists to complete a bachelors degree—100% accessible online. The program has allowed me to work full-time while providing a way to complete my long term goal of achieving my BSDH. Having this degree will open up many doors for future endeavors; offering a multitude of options for career expansion within the dental field. This program is comprehensive and well-rounded, leaving every student with evidence-based knowledge and the critical thinking skills to advance our field of dental hygiene."
-Andrea Kimberly Brown, RDH, BSDH


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