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Apply to the AS to BS-DH  Program 

Apply to the Program

PLEASE READ the program application information and instructions carefully. 

        1. Read the Program Information
        2. Read the Application Instructions 
        3. Documents to fill out: GE Worksheet (required) and GE Certification  (optional)
          ---> Using your unofficial transcripts and can help you fill out the GE worksheet
          --->Here are the "advising sheets" to help you fill out the GE worksheet -- CSU GE, IGETC GE
        4. Apply in MyPortal
        5. Read the online application checklist carefully

Make sure your application is complete, and you've attached 
ALL the required documents before submitting your
application. If your application is incomplete upon receipt,
it will result in delayed processing or may disqualify your application. 




Application Period

Options  Application  
Application Status by

One academic year - must start in Spring quarter

September 15

December 15

January 15
Two academic years - must start in Fall quarter

February 1

 May 1 June 1
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We're Here to Help!

Carmelyn Paguio, DH Completion Track Coordinator