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Spring Quarter Begins April 13

March 24

We hope you are well and staying safe. The college is working to support you through this unprecedented emergency and we will continue to post information on new resources as they become available. The Virtual Campus page is your one-stop shop for information and services.

Please also feel free to contact Foothill at 650.949.7249 or FHGetHelp@fhda.edu. Staff will assist you as soon as they can.

Spring Quarter Begins April 13; Classes Will Be Delivered Virtually

All spring courses, including PE and labs, will be taught via virtual formats. If you have not done so already, be sure to register for your spring classes. Registration is also open for six-week Second Spring courses. Check the class dates and register in MyPortal.

Please note that some classes will be taught at the regular times listed in the schedule (synchronous learning). Classes designated as 'online' will typically allow for more flexibility with when and how you engage with the course content. Some virtual classes will combine both approaches.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the method of delivery for your spring classes. You can find faculty contact information on the college online directory.

Virtual Talks With President Nguyen

Join other students each week to talk with President Nguyen. Ask questions, make recommendations about how we can better serve students, and find out about resources:

Wednesday, March 25th @ 12:00 PM

Thursday, March 26th @ 12:00 PM

Good luck with your final projects and assignments!

Take care, practice social distancing at all times, and look after yourself. Let Foothill College know how we can help as well!

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