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TechCore Program

TechCore Mentoring Program

Research shows that mentoring programs can support students from underrepresented groups to persist in STEM disciplines such as computer science.

Students in the TechCore program can choose to be matched a mentor for the duration of the program.

Participant Outcomes

The participant outcomes of the TechCore Mentoring Program are as follows: TechCore students will

  • Build a one on one relationship with a caring adult who has experience in computer science/ tech.
  • Gain insights into persisting and succeeding in computer science in school and in a tech job.
  • Explore academic and career goals, practice job interviewing, and discuss other professional development topics.

TechCore Mentors

TechCore Mentors may fall into three categories*:

Foothill College alumni

Foothill College faculty

Industry professionals

Former Foothill College students who studied computer science, whether as a major or a serious commitment. Experience in computer science courses is preferred. Can be current students at a 4 year institution or in the working world, but doesn’t have to be a tech company.

Full or part-time faculty who are in the computer science department or who have knowledge and experience with the tech world, from an academic and/or professional perspective.

Working professionals who are working in a tech company or organization, on the technical side. Can be a software engineer or programmer or another kind of technical profession.

* For the launch of the program in winter 2021, mentors will be faculty members because of the moratorium on recruitment of external volunteers by the Risk Management office. The long-term vision of the program is to recruit mentors from the other categories once it is allowed by Foothill College.

If you are a working professional, CS faculty member, or interested individual who wants to become a TechCore mentor, please contact the SLI Director.

Program Format

Mentors will meet with their mentees once a month, working out a schedule with the mentee that works. These check-ins can take different forms – structured, unstructured, or a combination. Mentors will be asked to take the lead in facilitating while building the mentee’s skills to take the initiative over time. These check-ins will be in Zoom until we return to campus and then the preference is to conduct these check-ins in-person. Mentees will fill out an online log of each session to track attendance and progress over time.

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