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Student Services

Power Outage & Closure Protocol

In the event of a power outage while you are at work, shelter in place in your workspace and await further instructions if it is safe to do so. Remain on campus unless instructed to leave by your immediate supervisor.

If your area is unsafe, please inform your Dean or supervisor immediately for guidance.


Student Services Procedures

In the event that the power goes out while an employees are on campus, wait for direction from the direct supervisor before leaving campus.

Step 1:

Shelter in place if it is safe to do so and await instructions.

Step 2:

President’s Cabinet will immediately convene to discuss the situation, contact PG&E and the police department to discuss the outage, assess any hazards on the local roads and at the campus exits are safe. This will all be taken into consideration before the decision is made to close the campus.

Step 3:

President’s Cabinet will notify (usually within 15 minutes of the initial outage) all deans and directors to inform them of the decision to keep campus open or closed and next steps for any special programs or events.

Step 4:

Those deans/directors will then inform their direct reports.

Note: The some campus areas within the Student Services until may operate on a backup generator. Please contact Chris Custer for arrangements to utilize these spaces in the event of a loss of electricity.